Sports video games are among the most popular genres when it comes to gaming. It’s not hard to see why. Who doesn’t want to play as their favorite team or athlete and taker them to glory? Many sports games will also allow you to make your own character, too. This means you can see yourself win the Champions League or win a UFC belt.

Although sports video games are often considered repetitive, they all have a variety of game modes and opportunities for the player to enjoy. Recent developments in game design in general also boost the fresh feeling of a new game. Every year, you should expect the graphics to improve and the gameplay to feel smoother. All the most popular sports in the world have their own games. However, some have worked out better than others. Whether it was due to difficulties getting sports rules onto a video game, or the development was just poor, some just didn’t work out. There are some that are massively successful, like the following.


FIFA has and will continue to be one of the leading sports games. It’s been a top-selling game since its first installment in 1993. The game is released annually, updating player ratings and clubs for the newest installment. FIFA has received some criticism in recent years due to the lack of new content in different games. However, despite this criticism, it still remains hugely popular, selling millions of copies a year.

Madden NFL

Madden NFL is just as popular as its real-life sport twin. It, like FIFA, remains on top of the gaming charts during its annual release. But again it has received some criticism for the lack of new features and its similarity to predecessors. Madden NFL reviews can give fans a good idea of what to expect.


The UFC game franchise has grown just as quickly as the sport of MMA. This can be largely put down to the success of Conor McGregor, who elevated the sport with his humor and talent. The game, now on its 4th installment, has grown far beyond just a McGregor simulator. With new cover stars in Jorge Masvidal and Israel Adesanya, the game continues to grow and develop just like the sport.


The NBA game franchise is perhaps the most popular in the last couple of years. Its growth is down to both the growing fanbase of basketball and the developments the game itself has made. Unlike other sports games, NBA 2K has done a great job of keeping its game fresh and enjoyable. With great gameplay and story modes, it’s no surprise it’s top of the sports gaming world.

Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer, or PES, is a sports game that is constantly under-appreciated. This is largely due to the rivalry it has with its fellow soccer game, FIFA. Due to licensing issues, PES often misses out on some content owned by FIFA. It still offers players a great experience, however, and is certainly worth playing if you’re a fan of soccer.