Technology innovation moves at an increasingly fast pace. In the past few decades we have gone from vinyl, to cassette tapes, to CDs, to mp3s and other digital formats for listening to music. The same is true for how we now play games. Many classic games, while retaining their fun-factor, are no longer in a format that is appealing to many younger generations. As a result, some classic games have made the concerted effort to adapt to the new digital age, and have been retooled as such. Today we look at how some of the major classic games have adapted to suit a new audience in a new technological era. There are many different type of games so we’ve chosen to look at an interactive game, an arcade game, as well as a board game to showcase the breadth of transformation in classic games.


Bingo is one of the simplest and most fun, classic games. But in its classic form it requires a lot of effort to get a bingo game in place. You need a venue, the bingo balls, the ballots and stamps, someone to read out the numbers, as well as tables and chairs for all those playing. That is a lot of planning that needs to go into making a live bingo game happen. Bingo began to get a reputation as an ‘old people’s’ game as it was a popular activity in many retirement homes. But now that you can play bingo online, the game has become much more accessible to younger players, who can now play whenever and wherever they want. Online bingo also has a chat function that allows you to communicate with other players, making it a wholly social and fun experience!

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Atari games

Atari arcade games are in a league of their own. But having to physically go to an arcade to play games is not something that people tend to do anymore. But now you can easily get around this by simply downloading Atari’s greatest hits to play on your iOS operated mobile device. There are a total of 100 of Atari’s classic game titles on offer. So now you are able to relive the glory days, or show your children how to play the games you grew up playing! What is more, is that this download is free –so it is not even going to cost you a dime!

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Scrabble is a very old word board game that most people have played at some point in their life. But having to carry around a cumbersome box with all the pieces –and have a friend with whom you can play, makes its functionality undesirable in the current age. But now there is a version of Scrabble, called Lexulous, that you can play online. This is much more in line with the digital age and allows for people to have multiple games open at the same time. You can play your turn whenever it suits you, which is convenient as you do not have to commit to playing a game for a certain amount of time.