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PlayStation Now is the Sony’s streaming service that will allow the player to play PS3 and PS2 games in a diverse array of devices, such as PS4, PS Vita or Bravia TVs. PS Now could include some type of rent regarding the following picture:

BipDzR5IMAAMLf2 600x450 Game rentals on PlayStation Now? | VGLeaks 2.0

Analyzing the screenshot we could suppose three different procedures depending on the sort of PS subscription that you have:

9.3GB = $9.99. Buy the game.

1 Day rental = Free. PS Plus subscribers?

7 Day rental = Free. PS Now subscribers? 7 days is too great to be truth, mostly of games may be beat in that period of time.

One way or another, changes are coming. I hope we could translate it as an improvement for the players.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.