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The videogames industry has grown a lot in the last 15 years. The society has integrated the game between the rests of arts, it has been a long path, but nowadays games are considered part of the modern status quo.

Games have expanded their own ecosystem to offer experiences through a great and ample variety of mechanics. Regarding the scope, the new systems will allow to carve open world products armed with a generous array of mini-games.

Some videogames hide different experiences inside their worlds, their dynamics. Games of chance are part of those alternatives. If you are a wild player, there are some games that invite you to bet until the last dime. Don’t get dry in the first hand.


Red Dead Redemption: the Rockstar’s sandbox summons the player to live a far west adventure among thieves, thugs and gunslingers. If you have got cowboy blood through your veins and you like poker, Redemption it’s your game. Spend your time studying your adversaries and display your best strategies, it’s tough. Texas hold ‘em and sarsaparilla.

red dead redemption poker 600x337 Games of chance inside other games | VGLeaks 2.0

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The gangsta GTA offers a simple way to play poker. A skimpy interface is more than enough to lose some hours inside this addictive mini-game.


Dragon’s Quest X: the permanent online environment is the best place to integrate roulette. In this case, Square-Enix developed a complex roulette where a lot of players can play at the same time. There is just one path if you want to enjoy playing roulette and make some money in this mini-game. The key is plan an intricate strategy in order to take advantage of the vast amount of players that use to participate in this roulette, because of most of all are not experienced players.

Dragons quest 600x337 Games of chance inside other games | VGLeaks 2.0

Final Fantasy XIII-2: more than a mini-game, it’s a large scenario with roulette. A bare experience after all.

Liar’s Dice

Red Dead Redemption strikes again. As sure as eggs is eggs, it’s the most complex mini-game in Redemption. Learn to play Liar’s Dice proposes to enjoy the game in a deeper level.


Shenmue II. The fearless Ryo Hazuki stops in his journey to do some gambling. In Japan is not allowed to play with cash, so Pachinko permits to play with chips instead of coins. If you want to forget that you are already married, Pachinko will be your best sidekick.