While casino games are not a genre people generally associate with gaming consoles, the fact is that these types of games have garnered an immense amount of popularity in the entire gaming sector. The genre is so popular that even one of gaming history’s bestselling games of all time includes the ability to play casino games at a virtual casino located in-game. The addition of the Diamond Casino and Resort to Rockstar’s action-adventure bestseller Grand Theft Auto V last August is indicative of just how popular casino games are. 

Unfortunately, thanks to the growing interest in the online casino industry, there are a variety of subpar casino games available on the market. There are, however, some really good titles that are available to play on the PS4 right now. 

Pure Hold’em

Texas Hold’em poker is one of the most popular casino games of our time thanks in part to the game’s exposure through mainstream media. Due to its inclusion in box office hits such as Casino Royale and Ocean’s Eleven, Texas Hold’em is now considered one of the most common games in US casinos. It should come as no surprise then that Pure Hold’em, which delivers an authentic Texas Hold’em experience to players, is a bit hit among casino game fans. The multiplayer support for this title is excellent and allows for up to eight players to face each other around the poker table for a chance to prove who is the most skilled player. 

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Prominence Poker 

Another must-play casino game comes in the form of another poker-centric title,  Prominence Poker. Published by 505 Games, the creators of World Series of Poker, Prominence Poker is a poker-themed role-playing game that stands out in the crowd thanks to the inclusion of an entertaining single-player story mode that seeks to immerse players into the seedy underworld of the underground poker scene. Players must square off against a number of poker bosses with the aim of eventually defeating the final boss to be crowned the best of the best. 

There is also a massive multiplayer element to this title which allows players to compete against one another for a more standard poker experience. Regularly scheduled events, tournaments, ranked modes, and daily challenges, keep players involved in the community while also delivering fresh content to loyal fans of the game. 

Four Kings Casino and Slots

No list of games themed around casinos would be complete without The Four Kings Casino and Slots. Developed by Digital Leisure and available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a free to play, massively multiplayer online (MMO) title which gives players access to a huge variety of popular casino games. The title focuses heavily on building a community for gamers and thus features a rich customization system for in-game avatars to truly allow players to stand apart from one another. Winning games grants players bonuses, items, and in-game currency that they can use to unlock unique new items and clothing to further customize their avatar to create the feeling of a living world. 

There is a huge range of casino-themed games available on the market, with both paid games and free titles available, so now would be the perfect time for newcomers to the genre to get a taste of what they can offer.