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SKFU is a well-known member of the PS3 scene, we don’t have to introduce him. This active member of the community has spotted content for PS4 on PSN. Using private tools, SKFU has discovered test products related to the PS4.

The hacker has uploaded a screenshot with his discovery (click here to see the full screenshot). Analyzing the picture we can read some PS4 projects but we can’t find out the games behind those names. Each product has an environment code, if you want to learn further information about this nomenclature, please visit this wiki.

ps41 600x255 Leak: PS4 Data and upcoming content spotted on PSN | VGLeaks 2.0

There are too many products tagged with Q1 or Q2 (Quality Assurance for different markets), in other words games that are testing now for Sony. Generally the first party sends you the game, you have to spot bugs, suggest changes and report everything to the first party (or second) and them would polish the product. That’s the final step to the title release.

Thanks, Wololo.