Currently, Level-5 has got one of the most powerful IPs in Japan, Yokai Watch, a million seller. The company has printed money with that property, therefore, Level-5 has enough capital to invest in a large-scale project.

According the latest Famitsu’s issue, Level-5 has started to develop an AAA game in essence, a large-scale title. Level-5 is recruiting designers, planners and programmers (among others) to join the Level-5’s workforce.

This project could be related to Yokai Watch, due to Level-5 has included ”Nyan!”, “Yorozura!”, and “Meramera~!” inside the job offer. Those words are related to specific characters in Yokai Watch (these characters use to add these words at the end of their sentences).

Needless to say, these references don’t necessarily mean that Level-5 is recruiting for Yokai Watch. The company could have used those words just to decorate the job offer with some references to Yokai Watch.

Thanks, Gematsu.