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In what is a world-breaking record, Minecraft has become the first ever video game to reach the landmark of 300 million sales. If you’re reading this article, chances are that you are one of the 300 million with exquisite taste in games, as realistically speaking, the game is available on every platform. Minecraft is an absolute classic, and it’s no real surprise that this game is paving the way for the industry.

We all know that Minecraft is a top-tier game and one of the industry’s most popular – but what else lies underneath the veil of its success?

Humility Breeds Phenomenon

Minecraft was founded upon pillars of ultimate simplicity. The graphics were basic but the usage of blocks as a key design element quickly became iconic, the gameplay was easy to understand, and the game was initially available for download. Since the 2010s, many small indie games that you could only play by games download, have since become huge titles in themselves. These are now huge markets that gamers pay attention to. Some games are free, and some use F2P models, but regardless, it’s a quicker way for smaller developers to access a big market.

Unlike other big video game franchises which release a new game every year to rake in money, game developers Mojang focused on perfecting the only version that they did release. It is honest marketing like this that puts Minecraft at the top of the gaming range.

The Power of Free Play

This one-time purchase model and addictive gameplay set the stage for Minecraft’s success at an early date. Once gamers had bought into the game for a very reasonable price, they could then come back to it over the years without any further payments – a feat that is rare in most popular games in the current market. With open-world gameplay and Mojang consistently adding new updates and features to the original version, buying the game was almost like an investment.

If anything, the games’ recent milestone speaks volumes about the importance of understanding and engaging with your audience to provide the ultimate gaming experience, without the materialist pursuit of money as the primary goal.

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Source: Unsplash

A Keen Ear

With consistent updates and gameplay improvements, Mojang stood out from the crowd as game developers who really listened to and cared about the feedback from their community.

By encouraging the creation and implementation of mods, including content generated by users, and striving for greatness in their approach, Mojang has nurtured the record-breaking game that we all know and love. Because of this approach, they need not spend entire budgets on marketing: the positive comments and love for the game that fans share publicly have acted as effective word-of-mouth marketing over the years.

An End to the Article, but not Minecraft’s Reign

It’s unlikely that Notch – the game’s founder and creator – could have ever predicted how successful his gaming script would become. 300 million copies is an astounding figure, and it all stemmed from one man’s genius. Since its inception, the team at Mojang have paved their own lane in a busy gaming industry and then nurtured it, forcing their way to the top of the gaming world.

The classic joke amongst the gaming community is ‘When is Minecraft 2 coming?’, but realistically, no sequel is needed, and it is unlikely we’ll ever see one. Minecraft is a one-in-a-million game, and we gamers put our hands together in the hope that Mojang can continue along its unrivalled path of game development.