Interesting rumor for those looking to get their hands on a new PS5 and interested in Spider-Man 2: Sony seems to have set the wheels in motion to sell a lot of consoles and games.

You know billbil-kun well: he’s been leaking PS+ lineups and a multitude of bundles and releases with incredible accuracy for a long time now.
Well, now he’s just announced that Sony is launching in November a tremendously attractive PS5 Slim bundle in the US. In fact, It will be the first bundle to include this new PS5 “Slim” model.

Apparently, the bundle will include the new version of PlayStation 5 (unofficially known as PS5 Slim) -with the disc drive- and the game Marvel’s Spider-man 2 for $559. The same price that currently marks the pack with previous PS5 chassis models.

Like the bundle with the previous PS5 models, this one would be really appealing to anyone who wants to get their hands on the new (smaller, lighter) console model and the game by the end of the year.

ps5 slim [Rumor] First PS5 Slim bundle leaked: Spider Man 2 joins the party | VGLeaks 2.0

Stay tuned.

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