Over the years, the gaming world has suffered some pretty devastating leaks. We all remember the controversial case last November, when Twitch leaked some parts of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Here are some of the most notorious leaks in gaming history.

For a start, long term gamers will remember when Far Cry and Splinter Cell were two of the most sought after games on the web. In the run up to the release of Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction, information from both games was leaved onto the web. Most of this was from a rare file containing just 2GB of concept art from Ubisoft in late 2006. Whilst some of the artwork was related to material which had already been open to the general public, including games like Assassin’s Creed, next to nothing had been announced at this point regarding either Far Cry 2 or Conviction, making the release particularly stressful.

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Another disappointing leak came in 2010, when the ending cinematic of StarCraft: 2 was leaked and could be watched all across the internet. What really added insult to injury was that the game was not set to be released for another 2 years. Whilst on one hand this meant that the animation was not yet finished, meaning that players who watched the leak did not get the full experience of the cinematic, there was still plenty of information to be found from both the voice acting, and the story in general. There was a chance that this could have damaged game sales, as many players began criticising what they believed to be a nonsensical plot, as well as the bad gaming graphics (apparently not realising that these graphics were not finalised.) Luckily, however, it does seem that if there was any impact on sales for StarCraft: 2, they were probably minimal.

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Another big disaster for leaks in the gaming industry was when Comfy Bingo initially came into fruition. Before the site was launched, images of their design and aesthetic, as well as planned upcoming games and promotions were leaked to bingo players across the internet, completely spoiling the surprise for many people. Luckilly, Comfy Bingo is good enough site to hold player’s interests, even when some of their information has been leaked.

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