Some weeks ago a rumor stated that Ubisoft was porting ZombiU to Xbox One and PS4. There were chances to see the port at E3 15, but in the end, the company did not show Zombi at the expo. Apparently, that name (Zombi) could be the reborn of that franchise on One and PS4.

The Australian Classification Board has rated Zombi, a game that includes Strong horror violence, blood and gore, according the classification agency.

zombi 600x284 The Australian Classification Board rated “Zombi” (ZombiU on One and PS4?) | VGLeaks 2.0

Ubisoft could take advantage of the work made on Zombi 2, but first the company could commercialize the first iteration on other systems in order to create a fan base for this license beyond Wii U ecosystem.

Thanks, IGN.