Video games have a way of transporting you to a virtual reality so immersive you feel like you are in a whole new world.  Explore online betting in NY and find out the many video games that you can play.

 Sometimes, this virtual reality may not be too different from the real world as you know it. Ever found yourself playing a game and have that intense feeling of déjà vu come over you like the whole setting looks too familiar? Maybe because it really is.

Game developers have put in some effort to represent New York City, or at least parts of it in their video games. Some have gone all the way and replicated parts of the city in their games, while it’s hard to miss the developers’ intention of capturing the city’s essence in some games.

Here is a list of top 5 video games where the developers did such a great job capturing New York.

  1. Marvel’s Spider Man

Watch Spidey fly across  Manhattan’s amazing skyline in this great video game. The virtual version of Manhattan as represented in the game is such a close match to the real thing.  It’s easy to see just how spot on the developer’s capturing of the city’s layout is in this game.  

And not just the layout, but also the scale. In the game, as in real life, the World Trade Center stands out as the tallest building in the borough. For most of the buildings, you can tell that the approximate is quite right. 

To be able to capture Manhattan in such a way, truly is a marvel.

spiderman Most Popular Games  of All Times Set in New York City | VGLeaks 2.0

2. Assassin’s Creed

Along with the Frontier and Boston, New York is one of the primary locations in the Assassin’s Creed III video game. 

The game features Manhattan back in the late 18th century, specifically in the year 1776. It is such a refreshing sight to see  Manhattan in the old times. That’s because most games capture the essence of the city as it is today in modern times.

3. Grand Theft Auto IV

New York is the metropolis on which Grand Theft Auto IV’s Liberty City is based. While Liberty City was first implemented in GTA 3, the representation of New York in that particular game wasn’t as obvious. Rockstar made some deliberate effort to do better with GTA IV, and indeed many New Yorkers can identify with the setting.

The Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Crowne  Plaza, the Chrysler Building, and Astor Plaza are just a few among the many landmarks and buildings across New York wonderfully captured in the game. Even without trying too hard, you may also notice the World Financial Centre, the Times Square Tower, Times Square, the Wonder Wheel, the Statue of Liberty, and St Patrick’s Cathedral among others.

liberty city Most Popular Games  of All Times Set in New York City | VGLeaks 2.0

4. Mafia II

This video game’s Empire Bay is also based in New York City.  The fictitious Empire Bay represents NYC in the mid-1940s-early 1950s. This is definitely a version of NYC that doesn’t exist anymore, and like Assassin’s Creed III, this video game does such a good job at it.

5. The  Division

Last on the list is Ubisoft’s The Division which delivers an apocalyptic depiction of the city. Even amidst the chaos and the epidemic that’s the storyline of the game, New Yorkers agree that the developers did such an amazing job capturing the essence of the city.

Game Settings

The setting, including the graphics, are among the crucial elements that make any video game. These games stand out for their unique and realistic graphics and overall representation of NYC.