Best Casino Video Games on Xbox and PS4

The online platform offers a great haven for many gaming enthusiasts who just enjoy the experience of playing the games they love in the comforts of their homes. Indeed thanks to the internet, lovers of virtual roulette or the slot machines don’t necessarily have to go to a brick and mortar casino to participate. There are many online casinos that have been launched and made available to punters wherever they are in the world. With this gaming, enthusiasts can get to play casino with people they may never even meet in real life.

For the online casino lovers though, a device such as a smartphone, tablet or PC is needed to access the worldwide platform of online gaming. There is even some good news for punters who may not have a smartphone but gaming consoles such as the Xbox or PS4.

Social gaming for virtual credits

There are millions of people who just enjoy playing social casino titles in online casinos where the punters compete for virtual credits instead of real cash. Most of these punters usually play games using their smartphones or tablets to have access to their favorite games. If you are an enthusiast of online social casino games and you own a PS4 or Xbox but lack a smartphone don’t fret. You can now access some few options via your PS4 or Xbox gaming consoles. But the advantage you have of accessing the online games via the gaming devices comes at a compromise of very limited options.

Even with the limited options, there is with the gaming consoles, you can still be able to have access to online casinos via the Xbox’s or PS4’s inbuilt web browser. Fortunately, some software manufacturers who have acknowledged the gap in the markets have started releasing casino game titles for people who enjoy gaming in consoles.

Console casino titles even though limited in features, usually offer the best of display and graphics. Anyone who has accessed the games on either the Xbox or PS4 will tell you that the games offered there are of the highest quality ever!

You can still play for real money if you want

Gaming consoles, unfortunately, don’t offer you the benefits of gambling to make real cash which of course is the thrill of gaming. However, there is still a great way for you to make money from online gaming by playing starburst slot. So if you are a gaming console player wishing to make some hard cash, you may have to register for an online casino and then log on via the console’s integrated web browser to commence playing.

The gaming titles for consoles

There are usually numerous titles and gambling games available for mobile devices. Sadly, the games that are available for Xbox and PS4 are quite limited. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your favorite games on the games consoles.

Here are some tested casino games that can be played on either of the two gaming consoles that are Xbox or PS4:

The Four King Casino & Slots

Can be played on: PS4

The price: Free

This game is highly popular on the PS4 game console. With it, as a player, you can choose your own avatar and also customize the look of the game to your own preferred features. Please note that on a mobile device such as a smartphone you can still access all the online casino offerings of top casinos like the Lvbet online casino. Here you will enjoy more online table games including; blackjack and roulette together with a great selection of slots and bingo.

Pure Hold’em

Can be played on: Xbox One and PS4

The Price: $19.99

This amazing game is available for both Xbox One and PS4 and will offer you one of the best gaming experience. It is a multiplayer game that allows interactions amongst the punters playing it making it easy for the players to engage in a tournament. By far this game offers the best of graphics you will find in a casino game for both PS4 and Xbox One. It also features full multiplayer online support. It allows players to create and join a tournament and allows for up to eight players to play at one go!

prominence poker Best Casino Video Games on Xbox and PS4 | VGLeaks 2.0

Prominence poker

Can be played on: Xbox One and PS4

Cost: Free

The game from the 505 Studio enjoys a reputation for being the best simulation casino game around. It offers graphics that feel really good to engage with, however, it is one major downside is that it only offers poker as the only option available to the punter.