We are going to live in an ocean of rumors until January 12. That day, Nintendo should unveil concrete details for Switch, their new hybrid machine. Price, launch line up of titles, accessories and specifications should be visible that day.

Speaking about the launch titles for Switch, Emily Rogers has written on Twitter that Nintendo could release the new 3D Mario unveiled at the Switch’s presentation alongside the console in March.

Emily does not deny that Breath of the Wild could be a launch title for Switch, but the new Super Mario 3D title could be in a very advance state of development right now, more than anyone thinks.

Didn’t you see the Switch’s presentation? Please, enjoy the 5 seconds of footage revealed by Nintendo for this new 3D Mario:

The game looks crazy. I hope Nintendo will take back the adventure spirit of Mario 64 for this new title.

Thanks, Twitter & Mario Party Legacy (thanks for the video).