NX could be unveiled in October. It’s not official, but some rumors pointed out that Nintendo could celebrate an event to show their new system to the public. Ahead the release of NX in March, the Big N could celebrate a Direct to expand the information previously given for NX.

Tesco, the UK supermarket franchise, published a product file about NX in their website. NX was priced at £349.99 and dated for 31/12/16 in the mentioned space.

nintendo nx at tesco 600x368 Nintendo NX dated and priced by Tesco | VGLeaks 2.0

The date is clearly a placeholder. Retailers use to date products with that date when the article has not got and official release. The price is higher than I expected. Wii U was released in the UK market at £250 for the standard edition and £300 for the premium edition. Therefore, take this info with extreme precaution. I highly doubt that NX will be commercialized at that price.

Thanks, VG24/7.