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Nintendo is employing Mario, the plumber, to cover leaks about NX, but some drops of info have evaded the tight Nintendo security. Aside from fakes, some sources agree that NX, could be built under x86 architecture and technically could be at least as powerful as PS4 and Xbox are.

A new challenger has arrived with new NX information. This fighter has been verified on Reddit. He stated the following about NX:

– x86 architecture.
– Backup data to Nintendo server (most likely My Nintendo).
– Support for additional screen.
– Can handle ports of current-gen games.
– Will be able to interact with smartdevice apps.
– Using NX software will unlock My Nintendo reward points.

X86 architecture is a must right now and a great way to secure third-party products (ports would be easier and cheapest to deliver on NX). The support for a second screen could allow a remote play feature or something like that.

If this info is accurate, at least, we can confirm that Nintendo is working on a system better adapted to the current times.

Thanks, Reddit.