On March 5 Nintendo Co., Ltd. filed in the US a patent application for “Eye Tracking Enabling 3D Viewing on Conventional 2D Display”, but it has been this same month when this new patent has been published in the USPTO.

You can check the new patent  here.

The “Abstract” text told us the main goal of the patent.


The exemplary illustrative non-limiting technology herein enables 3D viewing on conventional 2D displays such as home television sets by tracking a person’s viewpoint. Detecting a player’s viewpoint movement to change the viewing of the displayed object gives the illusion that the object is physically present in three-dimensional space. Viewpoint movement detection can provide collision-related game logic benefits such as allowing a player to dodge projectiles, giving a game character an ability to “see” the player when not behind line-of-sight obstacles, and other advantages.


The patent includes a lot of images about the fundamentals of the new invention:

nintendo eyetrackingycj3o Nintendo registers “Eye Tracking Enabling 3D Viewing on Conventional 2D Display” | VGLeaks 2.0Howard Cheng (manager, Nintendo Technology Development) and William C Newman, JR. are the responsible for this new invention.

We don’t know if this new development will be shown in the near future with a current system (most likely Wii U), or if it will be included in a future system.

Thanks, NintendoEnthusiast