The next-Xbox could use a new interface, different than the Xbox 360 dashboard. Microsoft would like to prepare its Xbox clients to the next-gen and the new Infinity dashboard with a new dashboard for Xbox 360.

This new version will go into beta stage in late June or early July, the final version should be ready in August. What changes could we expect? Smaller Live tiles, very similar to the Windows 8.1 ones. Slight changes in the dashboard look, with the possibility of lighter or darker themes.

Microsoft wants to make easier the transition between the two generations and provide players with a new interface to connect the Xbox 360 users with the Durango ones. I guess you will be able to chat, visit profiles and see achievements from Xbox users with Infinity.

Moreover, the source confirms the elimination of the Microsoft Points system for the next-gen. In summary: new dashboard for Xbox 360 to match with the Infinity dashboard and forget the Microsoft Points system (yeah!) forever.

Thanks, Gematsu.