Nowadays consoles are multimedia systems, the point is centralize movies, music, TV and games in just one platform. Ironically, PS4 is not able to play music files. This feature is one of the most requested for that system, but it could be included soon.

Tidux, an industry insider, posted the following sentence some days ago (speaking about the firmware 1.70 for PS4):

Sure sounds like a good update, but there’s more on the horizon.

Of course, there was a hint inside that statement. Take attention the word sound was bolded. Moreover, Tidux confirmed his intentions and added:

MP4 sound about right.

There is an important fact behind this. The new SHAREfactory feature will allow players to edit their videos including their own music. Therefore, if you can import your music, you have to be able to play it on PS4.

Via | DualShockers