Durango or Xbox 720, you can call the machine like you want, but you are going to need Kinect 2 to play with it. I am not kidding, the source isn’t kidding and nobody is making a joke, that’s real.

Durango would require Kinect 2 (the new version) to function. The upgrade Kinect version will come along with all Durango model. In other words, you are going to make some space in your brain for Kinect. Whether you want or you don’t want, Kinect would be a must not an option.

This decision would allow the developers work with Kinect always, due to they had sold one unit with each Durango. This new Kinect could track 6 persons and two thumbs (for each person). Isn’t it marvelous?

To sum up, mandatory Kinect and mandatory game installations on Durango.

Thanks, Gamespot. Picture Diylol.

PS: I have had a moment of clarity; I have understood the real thing: The new Xbox is Kinect 2!!!