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Rockstar is still printing money with Grand Theft Auto V, story game is great, but the Online world is powerful than ever. Aside from the infinite GTA V, we want to play a new one. Bloomberg has published an article with new details of GTA VI (or 6) and the changes that Rockstar has made in the last years to improve their working culture.

Grand Theft Auto 6 details:

  • The game will include a female playable protagonist for the first time in the series. She is a latina and is one of a pair of leading characters. The new protagonists are going to be deeply influenced by Bonnie & Clyde.
  • GTA VI is known internally as “Project Americas”.
  • The game will be set in a fictional version of Miami. The game will include a large world that will evolve over time adding new cities.
  • We will enjoy more interior locations than previous GTA games.

Changes at Rockstar Games since 2018:

  • More producers to avoid crunch.
  • Conversion of contractors to full-time employees (yeah!)
  • Removal of abusive employees.
  • Staff is more flexible with their time.
  • Mental health & leave benefits.

Thanks, Bloomberg and Nibel.