E3 2014 is looming fellows, therefore rumors are going to increase exponentially until the celebration of this event. It’s time to enjoy with the conferences, the megatons, the deceptions and all the stuff created from Neo-GAF.

Thuway, well-known as an industry insider, has dropped some pills of information about three different projects that we should see at E3 2014:

1. Mass Effect 4: the Bioware’s game will be there, but it won’t be called Mass Effect 4. Thuway wants to play hangman and I quote him:

“It’s not going to be called Mass Effect 4 – its going to be Mass Effect: _ _ _ _ _ _ _”

Genesis could be a cool name (I don’t really know, I just have played my turn in hangman).

2. Deux EX: upon this franchise, Thuway stated:

“Ugh just found out some things I can’t talk about :(. Next gen Deus Ex shown off at E3 though, supposedly.”

3. Uncharted 4: We should see footage from this game.

“Oh and Uncharted was internally shown alongside the ‘Project Beast’ leak that surfaced.”

Naturally take this with a grain of salt.

Thanks, Gamingbolt.