Powerful rumors are converging around Microsoft these days. Fresh air are coming from Seattle.

New hardware

According to Thurrott, Microsoft could unveil their new piece of hardware at E3 2019, or at least, speak about the upcoming projects. The new machine/s could be launch in fall 2020. Moreover, Halo Infinite would be a launch title for the new Xbox.

Game Pass

This is a bomb, a real megaton if become true. Microsoft and Nintendo could be working to offer Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch. The application would work as a streaming service thanks to Project X Cloud.

That’s not over, Micro could be interested to launch more games on Switch. Hellblade is going to be ready for this spring and Ori and the Blind Forest could be a thing on Switch as well.

Phil Spencer commented time ago that “(Game Pass) will come to every device”. Possible match.

Thanks, Thurrott and Direct Feed Games.