That’s right, Microsoft could be considering porting more games outside of its Xbox ecosystem.

According to the latest rumours, MS has been considering, for some time now, bringing some “acclaimed titles” to PlayStation or Nintendo consoles such as PS5, Switch, or its successor.

It certainly sounds like a bombshell—big news. Let’s remember, however, that it wouldn’t be the first time. For example, we can play the Ori games on Nintendo Switch, but this time it could perhaps be games with a larger scale in terms of production.

What we’re hearing a lot of buzz about are ports of Sea of Thieves or Hi-Fi Rush to PS5 or Nintendo Switch.

So where are these rumours coming from? Well, from pretty reliable sources, if you go by the information they’ve offered in the past.

sea of thieves review nsx4 [Rumor] Microsoft plans to port acclaimed video games to PS5 or Nintendo Switch. Sea of Thieves and Hi Fi Rush could be close to going multiplatform | VGLeaks 2.0

Nate the Hate suggested on his podcast that an “acclaimed, game of the year-worthy” Xbox exclusive will become imminently available on a competing console platform. Nate is an important source, with a great deal of success in the past… but it’s not the only one betting on the fact of these ports.

lolilololailo, who in the past has been correct on many Atlus rumors, regarding the Persona video games and the Xbox ecosystem, claims that Hi-Fi Rush is going to be released on PlayStation 5. Initially, a Nintendo Switch port was planned, but he says it will not be released finally. Maybe it is its successor?

Even Jez Corden writes his Windows Central article commenting, “They say there’s no smoke without fire”.

Stay tuned.