Microsoft and Xbox have been making a lot of headlines lately. Policy changes, financial reports, and the future of the Xbox division as we know it are in the spotlight.

The latest news comes from Windows Central, with Jez Corden claiming that more Xbox games are in development for PlayStation. These new titles are reportedly being developed under a plan codenamed “Latitude”, and while Corden won’t reveal the exact titles they might be, he hints that Halo might be one of them.

Aside from saying that Halo would make sense, Corden states that “they’re potentially obvious games you’d most likely expect.”, which widens the range of options.

Xbox is switching to a full multiplatform model. Corden comments that there are no more “red lines” and assumes that any Xbox first-party game can now be brought to PlayStation. Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood are behind these moves, seeking to increase the margins of each department within Microsoft.

Stay tuned.