Horsemen, apocalypse, and (D)death. Destruction and chaos. When we hear the title Darksiders these words come to mind, but so do many others, like demons.

And precisely, what seems to be Lilith, mother of the Nephilim and Queen of Demons, is what the illustrator of Darksiders 3 has posted on his ArtStation profile.

And up to here, it could be something normal since he is after all an illustrator illustrating, but everything makes a little more sense when this illustrator, Anton Lavrushkin, declares that the images are “promotion art commission work for THQ Nordic on the Darksiders franchise.

Lilith appeared in all the previous Darksiders games so, could this mean she’s going to get a main role in the next Darksiders game? We’ll have to wait.

anton lavrushkin darksiders daheva fin crop [Rumor] New Darksiders video game hinted by Darksiders 3 illustrator | VGLeaks 2.0
Stay tuned.