According to insider Navtra, Team Ninja (Nioh) is developing a new Final Fantasy game. Concretely, this new Final Fantasy game would be a spin-off inspired by the Souls games and could be announced next month at E3 2021 (“shouldn’t be far away” stated the source), only for PlayStation 5.

In fact, the source clarifies that this FF is only inspired by the Souls games, without actually being a Final Fantasy x Souls game:

It’s tricky. It’s certainly Souls-inspired, but it’s not exactly what you’d imagine when you hear ‘Souls-like Final Fantasy

As for the magnitude of this title, it might not have the production values of a main title in the saga, but it could be something more than a NieR: Automata

Just to set expectations: It’s something new. Not as high-end as FFXVI or Forespoken but certainly more significant than World of FF or a remaster. Conceptually, I think it might be up many people’ alley.

Navtra also talked about the universe this new Final Fantasy game is taking place in:

It’s not Ivalice, Tactics, nor Warriors. Don’t set up yourselves for disappointment.

Finally, the leak confirms that the game is a RPG.

Stay tuned.

Via | ResetEra