Many of you know that PlayStation 5 faceplates have been controversial since Sony launched the console a year ago.

Appealing to users, but also to third-party manufacturers, the first unofficial faceplates appeared some time ago, giving the PS5 a new and astonishing aesthetic. Unfortunately, Sony marked its ground on this issue and closed the discussion about unofficial PS5 faceplates.

Until now. A patent filed in November 2020, and finally granted on November 16, 2021, shows what appears to be official PS5 faceplates:

vgleaks official ps5 faceplates [Rumor] PlayStation 5 official faceplates emerge in a very recent Sony patent | VGLeaks 2.0

The description included in the patent defines this diagram as:

(…) the ornamental design for a cover for an electronic device.

Stay tuned.

Via | VGC, OPAttack, and Wccftech