Project Scorpio will be released by the end of this year and, little by little, we know more about its specs.

According to a Microsoft document in the hands of Digital Foundry, Project Scorpio won’t have ESRAM memory. Xbox One integrates 32 MB of ESRAM memory in its GPU, but this time Project Scorpio’s memory setup will easily outperform Xbox One, since it has more, higher-bandwidth memory, so there’s no need to include ESRAM memory.

Talking about Project Scorpio’s GPU, the document seems to confirm already known info, since we can read that Scorpio will mount a 6 teraflop GPU,which is 4.5 times as powerful as the one in the Xbox One. Besides, the GPU is capable of Delta Colour Compression, like the PS4 Pro.

Project Scorpio will have four times the L2 cache as compared to the Xbox One. This fact suggests that it will be, at least, on par with the AMD Polaris range. However, the chip could be one of AMD’s upcoming VEGA.

Finally, the document states that at least one first-party 1080p title has transitioned relatively easily to 4K“. We’ll see…

As always, take this with tons of salt.

Via | Digital Foundry