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Today, a Bloomberg report citing “people with knowledge of the matter” has caused quite a stir. The article gives us alleged info about PlayStation 5 and both its manufacturing cost and process.

According to this info, PS5 manufacturing cost is around $450 per unit. To put us in perspective, PS4 was estimated to have cost $381 to manufacture and had an official release price of $399 back in 2013.

This info could mean that PS5 would have an official release price always higher than $450. However, it’s also true that it wouldn’t be the first console to be sold at a loss. In fact, there seems to be a cold war between Sony and Microsoft in this regard, as the article points out that Sony would be waiting for Microsoft to announce the price of its console before then deciding on the final price of PlayStation 5.

On the other hand, it also seems that there is a weak supply of DRAM and NAND flash memory and Sony is struggling to secure a reliable supply. Related to this, Bloomberg also states that previously planned features for a new mirror-less camera were cancelled due to this constrained DRAM supply.

Finishing up the article, it seems that PlayStation 5 will feature an “unusually expensive” cooling system to “make sure heat dissipation from the powerful chips housed inside the console isn’t an issue” 

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Via | Gematsu and Bloomberg