Resident Evil 6 was one of the most successful chapters in the franchise, if we consider the lucrative facet. Regarding the quality, this Resident Evil divided the audience. Because of that there were rumors that pointed out in one direction: Capcom could reboot the series, but according the latest rumor published by Sankei Shimbun, Capsule Computers would continue Resident Evil through the seventh iteration.

Resident Evil 7 would be unveiled at E3 2014. Capcom would expect to sell around 5.6 million copies as Resident Evil 6 did and it would not be an exclusive game. The article just mentions PS4 as platform, but does not suggest any exclusivity. Probably there were allusions just for the PlayStation 4 version due to the information has been published by a Japanese media and they use to mention just the PlayStation versions of any game.

Thanks, DualShockers.