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According to a press release made by Sony Romania, Siren is on its way to Playstation 4.

Regarding the launch of the PS4 in that country, Sony made a press release where they list some of the exclusive titles PS4 will have. Siren appears on that list.

Here’s the translated text:

Sony Computer Entertainment studios from all around the world are developing over 30 titles and among them are games like InFamous™: Second Son, The Order: 1886, Siren, Hell Divers, Shadow of the Beast and Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture.

siren blood curse 257689 Rumor: Siren for PlayStation 4 appears in a PlayStation press release | VGLeaks 2.0

A new entry in the horror series has not been announced, but considering this year was Siren‘s 10th anniversary, a new entry in the saga may be feasible.

Stay tuned.

Thanks, Gematsu.