I must admit that I did not like the PlayStation strategy of focusing resources heavily on Games as a Service -or GaaS-. They announced that the company was working on 12 games of this nature, 12. Of course, after a long time some of those products has been cancelled and have forced some companies like Naughty Dog to lose an entire window launch. I mean we are in 2024 and the next project of the company seems to be far away -like other big games-.

After the rebuild of the company, you know, after the new round of lay offs that affected the industry, PlayStation has cancelled multiple games and apparently a new Twisted Metal title has been canned. A product developed by Firesprite, but Lucid Games was the team in charge of this game in its first steps. Yep, a Twisted Metal as a service.

The information can be complemented with a game that is still alive: the multiplayer Horizon game is still in development.

We will see in the future, but Sony needs to reorganize and take advantage of their resources in a better way.

Thanks, Bloomberg and VGC.