We’ve been talking about the Superman video game developed by Rocksteady (Batman Arkham series) for a long, long time.

The first rumors date back to about a year ago, when we talked about Rocksteady working with the character of Superman in a new game after their successful work on the Batman Arkham franchise. Then, last June a Superman: World’s Finest poster appeared on the internet among with some alleged info: the game could be somehow connected with the Arkham Universe or, at least, connected with Batman. Brainac would be the main villain.

Now, and after all this time, latest rumors say that Superman: World’s Finest might be revealed at The Game Awards this December 6th.

Besides, the website Game System Requirements has added a listing for Superman: World’s Finest:

superman worlds finest [Rumor] Superman: World’s Finest (Rocksteady Studios) could be revealed at the Game Awards | VGLeaks 2.0

Stay tuned.

Via | Spieltimes.com