Some days ago, Lockhart was revived, a more affordable console without optical drive to reach the new gen for a different point. Project Scarlett, the next gen draw by Microsoft is divided in two different systems, Anaconda a high-end machine and Lockhart the mentioned low-end console. Windows Central has published target specs today for both systems. Here we go:


  • Targeting around 12 teraflops (TF). Xbox One X is 6 TF and Xbox One S is 1.4.
  • Ray-tracing: a factor in next-gen systems.
  • CPU: 8 cores targeting to 3.5 GHz.
  • RAM: 16 GB. 13 GB for games, 3 GB for OS. Xbox One X could use 9GB for games at maximum.
  • SSD: could be used to throw in virtual RAM if it is necessary. NVMe SSD proprietary tech.
  • ProjectX Cloud: will allow you to start playing games in streaming while you are downloading it.
  • Backwards compatibility.


  • Targeting around 4 teraflops (TF).
  • Ray-tracing: less raw power than Xbox One X, but will capabilities to manage that lack of power in various ways (Secret sauce and next gen is not already here).
  • CPU: 8 cores targeting to less GHz than Anaconda.
  • SSD: same tech as Anaconda.
  • Backwards compatibility.

Thanks, WC.