A news that is not really a news if we write about Ubisoft and Far Cry. The French company is always working on Far Cry, so there is not a surprise or even relevant the development of Far Cry 7, but we have details about the game and a new multiplayer title.

Ubisoft started to work on Project Talisker, the new numbered Far Cry, and this game was going to include a campaign and a multiplayer, but after the departure of Dan Hay, the company divided the two parts in Project Blackbird, Far Cry 7, and Project Maverick, the multiplayer experience.

Far Cry 7 is being developed under the Snowdrop engine saying goodbye to Dunia. The multiplayer title could be set in Alaska. Ubisoft Montreal is in charge for both projects and according to Insider Gaming, the games won’t be ready until 2025.

Thanks, Insider Gaming and Kotaku.