Shuhei Yoshida, President at SCE Worldwide Studios, advanced time ago that Sony Bend was working on a game for PS4. Some rumors pointed out that Bend could be developing a new Syphon Filter. That franchise fell into oblivion and Sony could take it back.

Sony has opened a job position at Bend and that offer has offered more details about this unknown project. Candidates should be able to contribute to develop a complex AI system able to do different tasks in an autonomy way.

That’s part of that offer, important parts are in bold:

We are looking for an AI Programmer to help develop complex Human AI Behaviors for a current working title being developed by Bend Studio.

This is not an entry level position and applicant must be able to demonstrate current working knowledge in the field of AI development for recent game applications. This role is closely related to both a physics and animation engineer.


* Key contributor to the development of state-of-the-art AI systems and behaviors, including path-finding, behavior execution, and autonomous decision making.
* Develop robust and reusable AI frameworks that can be managed and used for implementation by design staff.
* Maintaining a strong collaborative work relationship with fellow programmer and design staff.

Key Skills

* Strong 3D Math skills.
* Working knowledge of current AI architectures and algorithms.
* Strong interest in researching and developing new AI related technologies.

Current and Next Gen game console experience strongly desired.

Strong understanding and familiarity with current UNREAL technology desired.

I am glad about the interest to implement an advanced AI; It’s an uncharted field in the industry.

Thanks, DualShockers.