Some hours ago, a mysterious site appeared on the Japanese Square-Enix official web. This teaser site contains a countdown set to end in one week approximately, as you can see in the capture below.

dentsetsu countdown Square Enix opens "Densetsu" teaser site | VGLeaks 2.0

The web includes the word “Densetsu” (legend) in the URL,  and the sentence “The legend is resurrected…” on the page (written in Japanese).

With these clues, we can consider two main possibilities:

– A new “Seiken Dentsetsu” game (Secret of Mana / Legend of Mana in the West)

– As Famitsu has pointed, a “Racing Lagoon remaster, as the game contains similar text in (“Tonight is the night the legend will be resurrected.”).

We will have to wait a few days more to discover what it will be. Any bets?

Thanks, Gematsu.