Having fun online with your buddies can be a thrilling experience, even though they are miles away from you. We are a social people having fun interacting and laughing together. Due to modern technology, we are able to keep up with these connections over the distance. Video chats and collaborative online gaming at Stay Casino is virtually home place for the comradry and fun. Take your virtual socializing a step further with collaborative gaming in cyberspace. In here, find out a list of top ten online games with guaranteed entertaining, enjoyable gaming moments with friends.

1. Tizona

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Tizona may not be a multiplayer game directly, but you can use it to have a fantastic casino evening with your friends. Dress up in the appropriate gear, even if you’re just sitting in front of a screen. The little black cross-body tie or the smart suit will get dusty otherwise. Now all you need is a stylish glass and off you go to the online casino. Share your screen with your friends so that everyone gets a turn. Of course, you can play Tizona for free.

2. Monopoly

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The famous monopoly board game has also made its way into the virtual world. However, interestingly, playing it is also just like board game that most of us have at home. Nothing new, no twist in any rule. The best part? Anyone can play with you, including those who are your close friends and peers. The game is fun for everyone, including children, just as we used to have night games.

Another development is that there’s a new version of a game called “Live Monopoly.” It’s getting really popular. This is why this version is typically found on the web, in most cases specifically at online live casinos. It just gives a little twist on the traditional Monopoly game that we are accustomed to.

3. Uno

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Another fantastic classic game, although simple, nevertheless very amusing. How often have we played Uno on holiday in the hotel, on the long train ride or at the most fantastic parties. Playing real party classics at these times is guaranteed to lift everyone’s spirits. Even if you are not sitting together at the same table due to the physical distance, you will definitely feel less alone. Uno is also great for all ages, in case your little niece gets bored. Uno, in addition to being fun, is likewise a gamble game. You have to gamble in a way if you want to plan your next hand and play well. Likewise, it has a luck factor, as you never know what hand the player after you will play. This excitement and experience is unique and some fans are really drawn into the game. In some situations, Uno can remind us of the games in online casinos. It is definitely one of those games that you can play with friends anytime and anywhere. But if you think that Uno already has a mega fun factor and exciting gamble, then you have to have a look at the game selection at this online casino: https://www.staycasino.com/. You will surely be thrilled by the selection. Especially if you are one of the professionals or big fans. Take your time and explore the different kind of gambling in the virtual world of online gambling.

4. Sea of Thieves

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Once again, this is why playing Sea of Thieves feels so rewarding because it immerses one into a fascinating pirate setting. Imagine this: it is just as if you are a crew member in a pirate ship alongside your three friends. It’s a journey that will see you sail over vast stretches of blue oceans into unexplored caves where treasures are hidden. It’s, however, not only searching for gold and precious stones. In addition, you’ll enjoy interesting stories about old-time pirates and their sailing adventures.

You do not have to develop a pirates’ beard, talk like one, and instead you just must enjoy yourself with your buddies. You will experience exactly how it feels to work as one member of that particular pirate crew as you all go on sailing and searching for treasure. How about, and if you are crafty enough, you can even snatch some treasure from your friends unaware? However, if you get caught do not expect good luck.

As you play the game along, there will be various hurdles and awe-inspiring events that will make your adrenaline pump at full pace. Every moment becomes an adventure as he outwits his fellow pirates, fights scary skeleton and tries to find out what he looks for. Therefore, put on your online pirate’s cap, call your mates, and set sail for an unmatched seafaring adventure in Sea of Thieves.

5. Final Fantasy

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Everyone knows World of Warcraft and it has dominated the multiplayer role-playing game market for a very long time. Final Fantasy has now knocked World of Warcraft off its throne. Choose a character you want to play and collect magical artifacts together with friends to get more experience points. There are now several expansions to Final Fantasy that invite you to new adventures. Together with your friends, you then take on dragons and other seemingly insurmountable creatures. Perfect for escaping reality completely.

6. Werewolf

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Another fantasy game, but no less exciting, is Werewolf. It is very similar to the game Mafia, only you and up to 15 other friends have to protect a village from a werewolf. Maybe you are the terrible creature that wants to cause mischief? First, of course, you have to track down the werewolf. An exciting game that promises an amusing online game evening. Be careful not to get caught!

7. Counter-Strike

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No, just because your favourite game is Counter-Strike does not say that there’s something bad with you. Those old days of playing it at college while sneakingly to your friends. Those were good old days when you could have good time with your friends. It’s great for relieving stress and just having fun in Counter-Strike.

The game was introduced in 1999 and has remained popular until today. You play it in five vs five, on a smaller map than the ones that are standard. The objective is holding bombsites. Everything is based on teamwork, strategizing, and plain old fun.

8. 8 Ball Pool

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What would a good get-together be without a round of billiards? Normally we go with our friends to play billiards at least in the nearest pub. If you get the hang of it, you play for money and gradually work your way up to a billiards tournament. These can be long as well as entertaining evenings, where even an amateur can look really professional. Bring the pool table home and invite your friends. One by one you have your shot free and if your friends don’t feel like it, you can play it alone if need be.

9. Stardew Valley

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With Stardew Valley you start your own village with your friends. At first you start small by sowing the first seeds on your field and harvesting the crops. In the course of the game, however, your village develops into a real town in which original characters live. Your game characters can even date and marry. But that’s far from all in Stardew Valley. There are dungeons to explore and mysteries to solve. All in all, the game is designed to last at least 5 years. But of course you don’t play for 5 years, a day passes within a quarter of an hour. It is a relatively long game, but one that brings you new adventures with each new day.

10. Minecraft

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Minecraft has been a huge hit for a while now, and it’s still super popular. In the game, you and up to seven friends can join forces to build pretty much anything you dream up. It’s great for anyone who loves being creative and building stuff. The game even helps you learn a bit about how to build things in real life, like how to make sure they won’t fall down.

If you’re thinking about how to design a house, Minecraft is cool for that too. You can create a model of your house in the game and see how it looks. But Minecraft isn’t just about building; there’s also an adventure side to it. You and your friends can play in survival mode, where you see who can last the longest against all sorts of challenges. It’s a mix of being creative and going on exciting adventures!