World of Warcraft: Dragonflight offers 26 DPS specializations, so you have a lot of options for farming Mythic+ dungeons. But you need to complete these instances as quickly as possible so as not to exceed the time limit allotted to you. Of course, the best option for completing M+ dungeons is to order the Mythic+ boost service since your teammates will be high-level players. Anyway, whether you’ll be running M+ dungeons with a random party or in a group with boosters, we recommend checking out the 10 best DPS specs for Mythic+ dungeons in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 3.

#10 — Fury Warrior (B+ Tier)

warcraft1 Top 10 World of Warcraft DPS Specs for Mythic+ Dungeons Season 3 | VGLeaks 2.0

Fury Warriors have very active gameplay that is linked to the global cooldown (GCD). Furthermore, this DPS spec has a rather simple rotation that revolves around producing rage and spending it on the rampage to keep the rage. While it has a simpler rotation than some classes, the speed benefits connected with it make Fury one of the top action specifications in the game, illustrating that gaming doesn’t have to be difficult to be enjoyable. Fury has great mobility, mild self-healing, and one of the game’s few raid-wide defensive cooldowns, in addition to a comprehensive set of attacking abilities.

#9 — Subtlety Rogue (B+ Tier)

Subtlety rogues have gotten a lot of attention for how they play in Season 3. Overall, they provide significant damage, have a potent utility spells package, and boast of unlimited resilience. The disadvantage of Subtlety is that it is generally worse than, say, Outlaw in many areas. Anyway, in some dungeons, such as Black Rock Hold and Atal’Dazar, we believe Sub will shine brightly. This is mostly because Sub begins to pull away on burst AOE and high target counts. We do believe that Subtlety will be a competitive spec for farming keystones in M+ dungeons Season 3.

# 8 — Retribution Paladin (B+ Tier)

Retribution Paladins did not receive any significant nerfs or buffs in Season 3, so they are stable and familiar to most players. They still have good bursts, give group buffs, auras like Devotion Aura which reduces all incoming damage by 3%, etc. In addition to that, Retribution Paladins have a lot of control thanks to Hammer of Justice, Repentance, and Wake of Ashes, when there is a fight with Demon and Undead enemies. The disadvantages of this DPS specialization are associated with less sustained damage and low mobility, which can negatively affect the passage of M+ dungeons in Season 3. In general, despite some restrictions, in certain situations, Retri paladins will bring really high utility when passing M+ dungeons.

#7 — Balance Druid (A Tier)

warcraft2 Top 10 World of Warcraft DPS Specs for Mythic+ Dungeons Season 3 | VGLeaks 2.0

Balance Druids should benefit from various buffs in Season 3. Due to their ability to deal with several DoTs and hit every target, Balance Druids excel in multi-target encounters. Furthermore, their Mark of the Wild also adds versatility to groups. However, it is worth noting that Balance Druids are still immobile and lose significant DPS when moving, which can have a significant impact on the speed with which M+ dungeons can be completed. However, skilled Owls understand how to position themselves efficiently and do large amounts of spread damage; therefore, we anticipate Balance Druids to be a dominant force in Season 3 of Mythic+.

#6 — Outlaw Rogue (A Tier)

This season, Outlaw is the main winner in the Rogue class. They have the best damage profile of the three specs and all of the outstanding utility options from the Rogue tree. During Season 3 of Mythic+, we anticipate Outlaw to be one of the premium melee specs. They offer fast mobility and significant damage and have become a popular pick since their revamp.

#5 — Frost Mage (A Tier)

Frost Mage is extremely valuable in Mythic+. This is one of the best characteristics of breaking through two targets with incredible explosive area damage. Also in terms of utility, Frost Mage has Energized Barriers, an incredibly useful spell for removing certain debuffs; for example, it can remove Entangling. Another good thing about Frost Mages is that they can place a Mass Barrier on themselves and four other nearby allies, creating a shield that absorbs incoming damage. This DPS spec is also famous for having the best AoE slow in the game.

#4 — Fire Mage (A Tier)

The Fire specialization excels at dealing both burst and sustained damage across a wide range of fighting styles. As before, they can deal strong AoE damage without cooldown, although they lose damage when targets are short-lived. This DPS spec in particular realizes its full damage potential on higher-level keystones where enemies last longer. Combined with the new sets and trinkets, we predict that by the end of Season 3, the DPS leaderboard will be dominated by Fire Mages, just like the previous season.

#3 — Enhancement Shaman (A Tier)

Enhancement Shamans are currently the biggest damage dealers in the game, thanks to modifications to their talents. They offer strong AoE damage while also increasing group damage by having Bloodlust. Another advantage of Shamans is their totems, which provide buffs that the rest of the party lacks. This enhancement is expected to be one of the finest DPS specs at low and mid keystone levels. But at higher levels, Enchs require outside assistance to survive numerous huge blasts of damage. If the squad can overcome this deficiency, the team’s level of improvement might be among the highest this season.

#2 – Havoc Demon Hunter (S Tier)

warcraft3 Top 10 World of Warcraft DPS Specs for Mythic+ Dungeons Season 3 | VGLeaks 2.0

Havoc Demon Hunter deals damage that is essentially unrivaled in five-man content. We can very much count on seeing one in every composition. When combined with Blur, Darkness, Deflecting Dance, DH’s passive damage reductions from Will of the Illidari, their self-healing ability through Soul Rending, and Illidari Knowledge, Havoc becomes nearly unkillable. The one true downside, albeit it’s not much of one, is how few utility spells they have. You cannot be too upset because these shortcomings are offset by the presence of 2 powerful AoE skills Chaos Nova and Sigil of Misery, thanks to which Havoc can not only control the crowd but also cause area damage.

#1 — Augmentation Evoker(S Tier)

Nothing will overthrow Augmentation Evoker anytime soon. Although this DPS spec was severely nerfed at times, their level of contribution to the group is still unparalleled. They increase the group’s overall damage and durability, and they won’t be replaced until another DPS/Support hybrid enters the fray. The main problem with augmentation is that it depends a lot on how well your team performs, but when everything goes well, it’s the best spec in the game. On top of this, the buffing of tanks and healer power makes passing M+ dungeons feel a lot easier.

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