Astronomy news is on all tongues since NASA succeeded in landing Perseverance on Mars. As a gamer and gambler, it is quite possible to take advantage of the event to dive into some slot games in CasinoNational or even video games that set their context on the red planet. This gives us the opportunity to make a top of the best games taking place on Mars.

Red Faction II

It seems that shooting games like to set their context on the planet Mars, it must be said that it allows quite a lot of extravagance. In Red Faction II, we find ourselves in 2080 when nanotechnology and improved soldiers are everywhere. Factions and terrorists have taken advantage of this technology, making the situation on the planet even more unstable. It is in all this that we will have to try to gather new information as a special agent for our faction, but things will not go very well.

Surviving Mars

If you like management games and especially survival games, and want to walk on the ground of Mars, then Surviving Mars is clearly made for you. You must settle on the red planet by founding a colony, but of course resources are limited and it is necessary to create a balanced ecosystem. The resources you can take with you are limited and you will have to produce the essentials on the spot, hoping not to encounter too many problems along the way.

Mars: War Logs

Mars: War Logs is an attempt at a cyberpunk game, in a world where water has become a highly coveted resource. Corporations are trying to take over Mars and in the midst of it all, our character will have to chart his course. Even if the game has some flaws, it is still interesting thanks to the moral choices and the customization of the abilities. The story is quite long and has a lot of side quests.
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

Even if it is not the most famous point’s click developed by Lucasfilms Games, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders is still a classic in its genre. We play as Zak while he tries to fight an alien threat that is trying to take over the Earth, making its inhabitants more and more stupid. The adventure will take us through different landscapes, including of course the planet Mars. A beautiful adventure and which is available on

Doom (2016)

Is it still necessary to present Doom? iD Software presents in 2016 a version of Doom more up-to-date, without denigrating the license. The action is set this time on Mars in the year 2149 when scientists are draining energy from the underworld. A nice idea that will give the opportunity to demons to visit the scientists. A portal to the underworld that we’ll have to close in order to save humanity.

Mars Tomorrow

The browser strategy Mars Tomorrow opens our list, the main features of which are: a well-thought-out and scientifically based setting; powerful economic component; the possibility of terraforming the surface of the planet; a large player base with the ability to create or join a guild, and so on. If it seems inconvenient for someone to play in a browser window, it is possible to download and install the client version of Mars Tomorrow on your PC.

By far one of the best peaceful strategies for colonizing Mars, especially when you consider that this browser game is distributed on a free-to-play model.

Mars: War Logs

In Mars: War Logs, there are several factions, pumped combat skills, and a simple, but actively used crafting system. And one more thing: the game has official support for the many languages and good (adjusted for the release date) graphics.