Gaming keeps changing to the advantage of players. A few years ago, players had to invest money in casino games to win prizes. But now, this has changed due to the entry of social casinos and sweeps casinos – the latter allows players to win prizes after playing games at no cost. As a result, casino games have become more accessible to people around the world. This accessibility will increase as handheld gaming takes hold in the coming decades. We look at what this means for players and operators.

What Handheld Gaming Holds in The Future

PC gaming was the in-thing when games first became available online. But this soon changed when mobile phones and consoles became available. The future of gaming is about to witness yet another change, with handheld gaming at the forefront due to the following trends:

  1. Platform versatility. Players no longer want to feel tied to just one way of gaming. While console gaming is often convenient, players cannot access their games on the go as they would wish. Handheld gaming can change this by allowing them access to portable gaming. But that’s not all. Many manufacturers have been looking at hybrid devices that can allow players to enjoy gaming on consoles and PCs as well as using handheld devices. This kind of flexibility comes with cost-effectiveness that will augur well with players.
  2. Technological upgrades. In the past, playing games using consoles or PCs has always been the better option. After all, these systems can handle the game’s features, enabling players to immerse themselves in the gameplay. However, with new technologies making handheld devices even more capable, playing on standard devices may no longer be necessary. Already, some manufacturers have announced new handheld devices that boast augmented reality and powerful storage that allow them to provide immersive gaming experiences to players no matter where they are.
  3. Cloud gaming. Storage has always been an issue in gaming, often resulting in the need for consoles and PCs. However, with cloud gaming, players do not need devices with impressive storage capabilities. Instead, they can access games in the cloud and store their gaming data similarly. So, no matter where they are, they can enjoy the games without lugging their devices.

Introducing handheld gaming devices will result in better gaming experiences for players. And since this market is highly competitive, players can look forward to innovative yet cost-effective solutions to boost gaming convenience. So, what companies have been rumored to invest in this upcoming space?


  • The Xbox Experience.


As more manufacturers throw their hats in the handheld device ring, many reports have suggested that Microsoft may be toying with the idea of a handheld device. These reports state that a native Xbox handheld console could be in the offing. If the reports are anything to go by, this device will boast cloud gaming support, feature AMD technology, and integrate with the existing Microsoft gaming platforms. Microsoft has yet to respond to these reports, but a handheld device would align with its goal of expanding its gaming market reach.


  • The PlayStation Experience.


Talks have been rife about the PlayStation Portal. Unlike the Microsoft handheld device, this Portal exists in the market. It is a streaming device that connects to WIFI to enable players to enjoy their favorite games. They can control their actions using the DualSense controller, and best of all, the device works from anywhere in the house as long as the WIFI connection remains on. This accessory has been a hit in the market despite earlier reports suggesting players were not ready for this innovation. After all, it allows players to enjoy a versatile and flexible playing experience, thus complementing home consoles.

Other manufacturers, including Sony, have also considered handheld gaming devices to keep up with the market trends and player needs. As such, players can expect more innovation and developments in this emerging area.