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For many people, playing video games regularly as an adult is a controversial take. Grown-ups need to focus on their responsibilities, not get lost in virtual worlds that aren’t real. There is some truth in the idea that mature people should prioritise their duties. However, to conclude that it means eliminating gaming is ludicrous since the activity offers so much more to your lifestyle than you can imagine.


If you were born in the 50s and 60s, your avenue for self-expression would be very different. Boomers and Generation Xers are much more likely to turn to traditional forms of expression, including poetry and musical instruments. After all, these were the technological revolutions of the eras of these demographics.

Thanks to advancements in tech, this has changed considerably for millennials and Generation Zers since the tried and tested methods of saying how you feel don’t cut the mustard. For instance, nearly 50% of people who had music lessons in 2015 don’t have them anymore, while 20% have never had them in the first place. Everyone requires a way to get what they have in their heads onto a page or computer screen, and game development offers this to adults. For one thing, it’s a modern tool that isn’t pushed on people by their parents. Secondly, the improvement in technology means that game-building software such as Unity and Twine are accessible for pretty much anyone with a laptop.

Considering that millennials are the most likely generation to own one, gaming is an excellent way for you to articulate your emotions. Also, don’t forget that part of experiencing stress is down to not having a release, so games will provide you with an essential avenue to relieve tension.

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Cultural Relevance

Understanding the world that we live in is vital for our comprehension. In the past, entertainment wasn’t designed to push the boundaries, whereas now, you can see it in every release that hits the mobile app stores or physical gaming shops.

Assassin’s Creed is an example of how creators are using what they know today and combining it with historical relevance to present ideas to their consumers. Users are being asked to take a more active role in gaming, leading providers to create new offerings that give players what they want. Another case study worth analysing this perspective is how online casinos have tweaked their libraries to put their active titles at the front and centre of their brands. Live casino games are among the most popular releases, leading to a fully dedicated section with live streams and personalised croupiers. The trend is so popular that different genres are being added, such as bingo live games that add an extra dimension to a British institution usually played in halls around the country that is experiencing a renaissance online.

In case you’re wondering, active games have a greater impact on brain functioning and brain cells than any other type of game, which indicates why adults should consider blowing off steam with casinos and consoles more often.

It’s hard to argue against the logic for grown-ups playing video games more regularly. On the surface, you can benefit from being more actively and culturally relevant, and having a way to express how you feel inside.