Dota 2 is one of the biggest competitive games available around the entire world as gamers everywhere love to build their characters, play ranked matches, and constantly challenge themselves. With these games, players will rack up an MMR, which is a number that increases when they win and decreases when they lose. Of course, gamers everywhere are usually very excited to try and get their MMR as high as possible. There are many different ways that it is possible to improve your MMR, and this article will discuss in more detail what some of your best options are.

Watch the Pros Do It

There is now a huge market for people videoing themselves gaming, and as such, there are a lot of different YouTube and Twitch accounts of professional gamers doing what they do best. You are not limited to the kind of content you watch, as you can have a look at some replays of big games or watch them live. Either way, when you are watching a professional gamer at work, you are able to pick up a lot of tips and tricks that you might not have noticed otherwise, and when you do this, you can practice them yourself in your own games. You will become a better player as a result, and this is going to have a massive benefit on your Dota 2 experience.

Get the Help of Professionals

There are a lot of different services out there that can help to increase your MMR rank that you could always consider taking advantage of. A popular choice is using an online gaming booster service to boost mmr dota. Here, a professional will log into your account and play on your behalf, helping you rank up in the process. This is done confidentially and securely and is a very effective way for you to rank your MMR and save time doing so as well.

Play More

Practice makes perfect, so if you want to rank up the old-fashioned way, then there really is only one option: play more. If you only queue about once or twice a day, then it is unlikely you are going to be able to boost your MMR very quickly. This is because if you win both of these games, all it takes is for you to lose two more the next day, and you will lose all of the MMR that you have earned. As such, it is always a good idea to play more so that you can continue to add to your MMR, and you’re making it less likely a couple of bad games will negatively impact your progression. With the amount that you’re playing, you are going to become a better player, and this is also going to have a huge positive impact on your progression.


Dota 2 is one of the most popular competitive games out there, and as such, you may want to play it and get to a high rank. If this is the case, then follow some of the above advice and boost your MMR as quickly as possible.