The giant behind GTA, Civilizations and Bioshock has been teasing us for over 7 months now with their impending release of Mafia 3, the third saga in the popular game series, and it seems that while the rest of us have been languishing and waiting to grab hold of your copy, Two-Take Interactive have been busy grabbing hold of the markets as strong Christmas sales have pushed their share price to the highest it has been before. Some 50% higher than last May, spread betting aficionados and gaming fans alike will surely reap the benefit as the company pushes even more resources behind the development of new and existing titles.

But rather than focus on how the Company is winning in the market place, we wanted to take a closer look at the Mafia 3 game and just what all the hype is about. After all, for a follow-up that has been in the pipeline since 2012, the game will be expected to deliver to PS and Xbox fans alike.

Set in 1968, this third-person action Mafia game revolves around Lincoln Clay and his attempts to start his own gang and get revenge on the Italian mob who tried to whack him. It is open-world, meaning that players are free to explore on their own while ‘taking people out’ with either a selection of guns, combat techniques or stealth tactic kills. Much akin to the style of mission you would expect in most of the GTA series, you can choose to follow objectives in your own time or just go wild and assign lieutenants to take on some of your dirty work.

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Perhaps one of the greatest features noted from preview demos has been the ability to achieve the same end via multiple sequences of events, so you never feel like you are stuck in a storyline but are able to go off on tangents and still complete the same missions.

So just why has it taken so long to bring this to players? Back in 2015, we noted that all the Mafia 3 domains were being registered but the closure of 2k Czech and integration into the San Francisco office meant the game had to be redone from scratch and caused no end of delays to this highly-sought after title. But just like we said, from what we have seen from the graphics and game play, this looks to have been worth the wait.