Some people believe that video games are a terrible way of spending time. These people believe shooters and RPG’s cause violence and MMOs  are addictive.

It is not that hard to start believing that online gambling sites and the industry in general makes people dumber and lazier.

The other camp states that gaming boosts reaction, wittiness, speed of thought and decision making. Both parties have series of valid points at their side.

It’s a real war out there where fighters toss both opinions and facts into the huge fire of hatred. It’s hard to know who is on the right side today. The only thing that’s certain is the fact that video games do affect our lives. But for better or for worse? Let’s find out the answers together.

Do note that the following list is not based on opinions or ideas of others. Every bullet is backed with years of efficient scientific research and should be treated accordingly.

The negatives

  • Games have a lot of it. Multiply all of the blood and gore by the fact that a game is interactive by nature meaning players make their own choices and voila – you get a hell of a violence-based cocktail. The act, to harden things a bit, is constantly repeated. Yes, they can lead to aggressive behavior.
  • Wrong values. Games, as any other mean of storytelling like films or books tend to show characters of different morals. Some are good, others are evil and yet most attention goes to the mixed lot of protagonists as well as antagonists. Doing terrible things for the greater good and vice versa, though philosophical dilemmas and anarchic ideas are often seen in some titles.

Poor socialization. This factor, while rapidly decreasing given how trendy it is to be a gamer today, still causes several layers of population to actually reject open gamers from their communities. Gamers can encourage bullying.

The Positives

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  • Kids are taught to follow instructions.
  • Problem solving skills and logic thinking is proven to advance when playing.
  • Spatial skills, hand-eye coordination, reaction, reflexes and so on and so forth are juiced up.
  • Planning, resource management as well as logistics skills are obtained.
  • Multitasking capabilities are advancing in gamers. So is lightning-fast thinking.
  • Situation awareness, strategic mindsets and perseverance are common traits of gamers.
  • Reading as well as math skills are developed, so are estimation capabilities.
  • Both ordinary and muscle memory is pumped up.
  • Concentration capabilities are in their prime with gaming teens.
  • Teamwork as well as cooperation with other players teaches real life values.

The list of positives can go on and on and yet the negatives might seem as heavy in terms of argumentation. You know the facts – the choice is yours.