Second Life is not a new addition to the online world, yet it has stood the test of time. Based in an online virtual world, Second Life is more than just a game and we will come to some of the features in more detail below. As we look through the history of Second Life, it will quickly become apparent why it ushered in a new era of digital worlds.

What is Second Life?

Second Life is a complex online virtual environment where users can create an avatar and be whoever, or whatever, they like. Having created virtual representations of themselves, users can interact with other avatars, places, and objects within the Second Life environment. Not only can users communicate with each other, but it is possible to contribute to the virtual world by creating objects, buildings, and animations. The main Second Life world is for adults only, meaning users can be very creative but there is also a version of Second Life available for a younger audience. There are many things you can do in real life, that are available in Second Life, such as attending concerts, going to classes, buying clothes, and visiting friends.

Playing Games

Second Life is not a game, it is a virtual world where everyone can contribute but it is possible to play games within the environment. The Helios Casino Lounge is a good example, and users can play slots and blackjack games using free chips. Users cannot win real money when playing the casino games in the Helios Casino Lounge but there are many places where it is possible to play for real wagers with offers like bet365 casino bonus. Playing at the Helios Casino Lounge is a good way to become familiar with what it is like to play at a real money online casino. Some of the other games available in Second Life include the Mahjong Penthouse, MadPea’s Escape the Ghostly Gaol, Rollerz Entertainment Center, Magic Fishing Headquarters, and Mischief Managed.

Second Life Influence

While the number of Second Life users increased during the pandemic, the numbers remain low compared to the mid-2000s, when it was a massive hit. Second Life had over one million users in 2013 but it is believed that has halved in recent years. However, that does not diminish the role Second Life has played in the current era of digital worlds. The idea of the ‘metaverse’ is new to many people having come to the forefront thanks to the announcement of Meta being the new company name for Facebook. Complete online economies and collaborative experiences are what make digital worlds, such as Second Life, a success and most new era digital worlds are following the same model. Essentially, the metaverse brings people together in a shared virtual online world, and that perfectly describes Second Life.

It is worth noting that Second Life was one of the first virtual online economies, where it is possible to sell and buy goods using the Linden dollar. This can be exchanged for U.S. currency much in the same way cryptocurrency can be traded for U.S. currency. The online virtual worlds of today which include a full economy are often based on crypto, but cryptocurrency is not always the perfect solution, and some worlds may choose to use a similar approach to Second Life.