Amazon lists new PS4 model to be released on October for €400


Amazon Spain has listed a new PlayStation 4 model on its web. All indications suggest that this new model could be, in fact, the new PS4 Neo, although Amazon does not show a single image for this model.

The product appears with a release date set for October 13 and costs 399,99€.

PS4 Neo Amazon Amazon lists new PS4 model to be released on October for €400 | VGLeaks 2.0

Stay tuned.

Via | Amazon Spain

  • Hybrid Gamer Master Race

    For that price, I believe the specs will be higher than what was “leaked.” Will be disappointed if they aren’t.

    • nopenopeopnopeop

      who fucking cares id give anything for blood born or dark souls 3 to not be at fucking 20 fps

      • Hybrid Gamer Master Race

        I don’t play those games so can’t comment on their performance. On the other hand, any other game I have played on PS4 has run very smoothly; nearly perfect 30 fps. I just don’t like to get ripped off, over charged for under powered hardware. That’s what it seems will happen with Neo. Also a lot of people, fucking care.

        • Luda97220

          i agree a lot of people care, dark souls 3 is lovely on pc at 60 fps, i’m going to wait to see the specs on the neo then i’ll buy one if it’s good enough

          • Console and PC Master Race

            Thanks. 🙂 I forgot to mention that while I find games run well for the most part on PS4, what I’d really prefer is the lovely 60fps like you get with DS3 on your PC. That’s what I’m going to expect from Neo, but doubt it will be able to at higher than 1080p. I’m anxiously awaiting official Neo specs as well and hope it’ll be able to at least upscale to 4K (highly doubt it could do native) and run at 60fps.

    • RuhrpottBAZI

      Cause you’ve got no clue whatsoever…

      • Console and PC Master Race

        Neither do you. You realize Disqus has a block feature right? I don’t have to put up with people like you any more. Byeee

  • ギャビン

    Isn’t that the same day PSVR comes out? Makes sense that they are going to do this. I wish they would just come clean about this damn thing and show it.

  • Jon Ment

    The true solution to all the graphics, frame rate, and multiplayer issues can be solved by switching to a PC

    • Mishca Moishkalov