Xbox One (Durango) CPU Overview


The Xbox One (Durango) CPU brings a host of modern micro-architectural performance features to console development. With Xbox One, a familiar instruction set architecture and high performance silicon mean developers can focus effort on content and features, not micro-optimization. The trend towards more parallel power continues in this hardware; so, an effective strategy for multi-core computing is more important than ever.

Architectural Overview

The Xbox One (Durango) CPU is structured as two modules. A module contains four x64 cores, each running a single thread at 1.6 GHz. Each core contains a 32 KB instruction cache (I-cache) and a 32 KB data cache (D-cache), and the 4 cores in each module share a 2 MB level 2 (L2) cache. In total, the modules have 8 hardware threads and 4 MB of L2. The architecture is little-endian.

cpu Xbox One (Durango) CPU Overview | VGLeaks 2.0

Four cores communicate with the module’s L2 via the L2 Interface (L2I), and with the other module and the rest of the system (including main RAM) via the Core Communication Interface (CCI) and the North Bridge.


The caches can be summarized as shown in the following table.

Cache Policy Ways Set Size Line Size Sharing
L1 I Read only 2 256 64 bytes Dedicated to 1 core
L1 D Write-allocate, write-back 8 64 64 bytes Dedicated to 1 core
L2 Write-allocate, write-back, inclusive 16 2048 64 bytes Shared by module


The 4 MB of L2 cache is split into two parts, one in each module. On an L2 miss from one module, the hardware checks if the required line is resident in the other module—either in its L2 only, or any of its cores’ L1 caches. Checking and retrieving data from the other module’s caches is quicker than fetching it from main memory, but this is still much slower than fetching it from the local L1 or L2. This makes choice of core and module very important for processes that share data.

Memory access result Cycles Notes
L1 hit 3 Required line is in this core’s L1
L2 hit 17 Required line is in this module’s L2
Remote L2 hit, remote L1 miss 100 Required line is in the other module’s L2
Remote L2 hit, remote L1 hit 120 Required line is in the other module’s L2 & in remote core’s L1
Local L2 miss, remote L2 miss 144-160 Required line is not resident in any cache; load from memory


Both L1 and L2 caches have hardware prefetchers that automatically predict the next line required, based on the stream of load/store addresses generated so far. The prefetchers can derive negative and positive strides from multiple address sequences, and can make a considerable difference to performance. While the x64 instruction set has explicit cache control instructions, in many situations the prefetcher removes the need to manually insert these.

The Xbox One (Durango) CPU does not support line or way locking in either L1 or L2, and has no L3 cache.

This document does not cover memory paging or translation lookaside buffers (TLBs) on the cores.

Instruction Set Architecture

The cores execute the x64 instruction set (also known as x86-64 or AMD64); this instruction set will be familiar to developers working on AMD or Intel based architectures, including that of desktop computers running Windows. x64 is a 64-bit extension to 32-bit x86 , which is a complex instruction set computer (CISC) with register-memory, variable instruction length, and a long history of binary backward compatibility; that is, some instruction encodings have not changed since the 16-bit Intel 8086.

The x64 architecture requires SSE2 support, and Visual Studio makes exclusive use of SSE instructions for all floating-point operations. x64 deprecates older instruction sets: x87, Intel MMX®, and AMD 3DNow!®. x64 supports the following instruction set extensions:

  • SIMD/vector instructions: SSE up to SSE4.2 (including SSSE3 for packing and SSE4a), and AVX
  • F16C: half-precision float conversion
  • BMI: bit shifting and manipulation
  • AES+CLMULQDQ: cryptographic function support
  • XSAVE: extended processor state save
  • MOVBE: byte swapping/permutation
  • VEX prefixing: Permits use of 256-bit operands in support of AVX instructions
  • LOCK prefix: modifies selected integer instructions to be system-wide atomic


The cores do not support XOP, AVX2, or FMA3/4 (fused multiply-add).

Architecturally, the cores each have sixteen 64-bit general purpose registers, eight 80-bit floating point registers, and sixteen 256-bit vector/SIMD registers. The 80-bit floating point registers are part of x87 legacy support.


Durango CPU cores run at 1.6 GHz; this is half the clock rate of the Xbox 360’s cores. Because of this, it is tempting to assume that the Xbox 360’s cores might outperform Durango’s cores. However, this is emphatically not true, for the reasons described in the following sections.

Sub-ISA Parallelism and Micro-Operations

Like most recent high-performance x64 processors, the cores do not execute the x64 instruction set natively; instead, internally instructions are decoded into micro-operations, which the processor executes. This translation provides opportunities to parallelize beyond traditional superscalar execution.

Durango CPU cores have dual x64 instruction decoders, so they can decode two instructions per cycle. On average, an x86 instruction is converted to 1.7 micro-operations, and many common x64 instructions are converted to 1 micro-operation. In the right conditions, the processor can simultaneously issue six micro-operations: a load, a store, two ALU, and two vector floating point. The core has corresponding pipelines: two identical 64-bit ALU pipelines, two 128-bit vector float pipelines (one with float multiply, one with float add), one load pipeline, and one store pipeline. A core can retire 2 micro-operations a cycle.

Out of Order Execution

Xbox 360 CPU cores execute in-order (also called program order)the instructions in exactly the order the compiler laid them out. The Xbox 360 CPU has no opportunity to anticipate and avoid stalls caused by dependencies in the incoming instruction stream, and no compiler can eliminate all possible pipeline issues.

In contrast, the Durango CPU cores execute fully out of order (OOO), also called data order, since execution order is determined by data dependencies. This means the processor is able, while executing a sequence of instructions, to re-order the micro-operations (not the x64 instructions) via an internal 64-entry re-order buffer (ROB). This improves performance by:

  • Starting loads and stores as early as possible to avoid stalls.
  • Executing instructions in data-dependency order.
  • Fetching instructions from branch destination as soon as the branch address is resolved.

Register Renaming

A low count of registers can cause execution of instructions to be unnecessarily serialized. Similar in concept to translating x64 instructions to micro-operations, register names used in the x64 instruction stream are not used as is, but are instead renamed to point at entries in a large internal physical register file (PRF)—Durango cores have a 64-entry, 64-bit, general-purpose PRF and a 72-entry, 128-bit, vector float PRF. With renaming, the processor can disentangle serialization by register name alone, and to get better throughput, it can push independent micro-operations to earlier positions in the execution order via OOO.

Speculative Execution

Instruction streams can be regarded as being divided into basic blocks of non-branching code by branches. CPUs with deep pipelines execute basic blocks efficiently, but they face performance challenges around conditional branches. The simplest approach—stall until the conditional is determined and the branch direction is known—results in poor performance.

The Durango CPU is able to fetch ahead and predict through multiple conditional branches and hold multiple basic blocks in its re-order buffer, effectively executing ahead through the code from predicted branch outcomes. This is made possible via the core tracking which registers in the PRF represent speculative results—that is, those from basic blocks that are not currently certain to be executed. Once a branch direction is determined, if the core predicted the branch direction correctly, results from that basic block are marked as valid. If the core mispredicted, speculative results (which may include many basic blocks) are discarded, and fetching and execution then begins from the correct address.

Store Forwarding

With in-order execution, a store to memory followed shortly by a load from the same location can cause a stall while the contents of memory (usually via an L1 line) are updated; the stall ensures that the load gets the correct result, rather than a stale value. On Xbox 360, this commonly encountered penalty is called Load-Hit-Store. On Durango, the cores have store-forwarding hardware to deal with this situation. This hardware monitors the load store queue, looking for memory accesses with the same size and address; when it finds a match, it can short-cut the store and subsequent load via the physical register file, and thereby avoid significant pipeline stalls.

Highly Utilized Out of Order Load Store Engine

A Durango core is able to drive its load store unit at around 80-90% capacity, even on typical code, because the combination of OOO, register renaming, and store forwarding massively reduces pipeline flushes and stalls, permitting highly effective use of L1 bandwidth. This improvement is partly the result of the load store unit being able to reorder independent memory accesses to avoid data hazards: loads can be arbitrarily re-ordered, and stores may bypass loads, but stores cannot bypass other stores.

By contrast, the load store hardware in the Xbox 360 is utilized at about 15% capacity on typical code, due to the many pipeline bubbles from in-order execution on the cost-reduced PowerPC cores. In conjunction with pipeline issues, the major factors in the Xbox 360’s throughput being as low as 0.2 instructions per cycle (IPC) are L1 miss, L2 miss, and waiting for data from memory.

Cache Performance

The Durango CPU uses 64-byte cache lines, which makes a process less likely to waste bandwidth loading unneeded data. On Xbox 360, ensuring effective use of cache lines for 128-byte lines can be tricky. While a Durango core’s L1 data cache is the same size as on Xbox 360, it is not shared between two hyper threads, and it has better set associativity. L2 is effectively three times the size, for each hardware thread, and it has better associativity: 512 KB per hardware thread on Durango versus approximately 170 KB per hardware thread on Xbox 360. L1 and L2 bandwidth will be more efficiently utilized on an automatic basis via prefetching, smaller cache lines, register renaming, OOO, and store forwarding.

Advanced Branch Predictor

Effective branch prediction increases the likelihood that speculative execution will execute the right code path. The Durango CPU cores have an advanced dynamic branch predictor, able to predict up to 2 branches per cycle. Rather than a branch direction, an actual branch address is predicted, meaning the instruction fetch unit can speculatively fetch instructions without waiting for resolution of the branch instruction dependencies and the resultant target. The first-level sparse predictor stores information about the branch target for the first two branches in a cache line, hashed by line address in 4 KB of storage. The sparse information also indicates if more than 2 branches are present in that line, and indexes into a second-level dense predictor, by using a 4-KB set-associative cache of prediction information for branches in 8-byte chunks. A branch target address calculator checks relative branch predictions as early as possible in the pipeline to permit discarding incorrectly fetched instructions. In addition, the prediction unit contains a 16-entry call/return stack and a 32-entry out-of-page address predictor.

  • DoctorFouad

    is this basically a standard 8 jaguar cores ? what is the difference with jaguar orbis cores ? why microsoft is not calling it jaguar like sony ?

    @ vgleaks : thanks for your very interesting article, is it true or do you have any info on jaguar cores running at 2.0ghz on sony orbis instead of 1.6 Ghz ?
    any info on the nature of the additional processer running background downloads on ps4 ?


    • Deadmeat

      No, ANYTHING but the Jaguar. Jaguar is incompatible with GF’s process

  • inyourbase

    It’s going to take me about a week to figure out exactly what was posted here

    /mind boggle

    • keen

      If its truth, it means two Jaguar Modules “duct-taped” together.

      • Daniel Lawson

        that doesn’t really make much sense… seems more like they are not using the APUs from this

  • Eternallord

    All we knw is that the microsoft have what so called ‘a secret sauce’ that is a mystery till now

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Do we? or is that more your reassurance to your self hoping it will be better than PS4?

    • Russell Gorall

      Like the Emotion Engine?

      There is no such thing as secret sauce when it comes to specs and power, if your idea of secret sauce is 8GB RAM that is a right step.

  • mask13

    No matter how hard I try – there is no way I can evaluate this… Someone with enough knowledge please enlighten us mortals!!! Please!!!!

  • Deadmeat

    A simple factual clarification. The Durango chipset is being fabbed at IBM and GlobalFoundries FD-SOI fabs under the codename Oban. This fab process is incompatible with Jaguar cores, and AMD never produced Bobcat/Jaguar core product at IBM/GF fabs. If you want Jaguar cores then you must go to TSMC. The Durango can have anything but Jaguar and these are the facts.

    • mask13

      So in fact due to the alleged place of manufacturing of the chips themselves we may assume that it is not AMD’s Jaguar. But it still may be AMD sourced. Correct me if I am wrong.

      • mask13

        ARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH – sorry everyone I didn’t see it was Deadmeat’s post. The guy has been posting loads of crap in other threads… Just ignore him and my comment to his post…

        • Deadmeat

          So which one of my above statement is incorrect?

          • hi deadmeat!!!!!!!!!!!

            Must be dat Microsoft’s secret salsa he is so desperately after.

          • Kayle

            now jaguar r 28nm so GF can produce jaguar too..but isnt this the point….new xbox cpu isnt just a jaguar ppl have to understand this

        • Russell Gorall

          I think I will just ignore what you post.

    • Daniel Lawson

      it wouldn’t surprise me if they were piledriver based using FX2 tech… that would invalidate the bandwidth post they had up though

  • Nick

    wii u cpu vindicated y´all! take that haters…

    • DARKFiB3R

      How did you come to that conclusion?

      • Because it basically uses the same out of order execution processes and handling of instruction sets as the other next gen consoles. It is based on similarly designed architectures by all accounts, running at the around the same 1.6ghz (1.23ghz effective running speed, most CPU’s will generally run slower than specified clock speed when actually processing) although admittedly on fewer cores but with more than likely far less cpu resource taken up by OS activities and can retire the same (in some cases better) 2 instruction sets per cycle.

        I am in no way trying to say that the Wii U can compete against the Durango/PS4 in terms of raw horsepower (it is clearly a a few cores short of that) but scaled down ports of next gen to Wii U should not be so much of an issue. They will probably suffer more from scaled back AI and physics based effects rather than graphics. Graphics that will also be behind the other two consoles but not as much as people probably think.

        And before anyway replies with the Wii U CPU “sucks”, “just has 3 supped up Wii cores”, it doesn’t, that is total BS. It impossible to take a 729mhz single core processor and turn it into 1.6ghz tricore that produces as little heat and uses as little power as it does without a major architectural overhaul. Yes it is most likely based upon The Broadway Power PC core due to the ability to emulate Wii at a hardware level but as i said it will have undergone serious surgery and massive modernisation. Meaning in no way can it simply be a faster clocked Broadway. Another factor is that the Wii U CPU/GPU MCM also has a number of other chips/components on it and nobody really knows what they are or what they do as of yet. So although people have “hacked” the Wii U and discovered many of it’s “secrets” the values and information that have been gleaned from that still cannot be seen as 100% accurate, especially as to how it will perform in terms of in game processing when coded efficiently.

        I’m very interested to see how the next gen pans out.
        One more thing, closed minded, uneducated trolls need not reply.

        • Nicholas Gatewood

          At the end of the day, the Wii U is still a 720p-optimized system, doesn’t have a hard drive, doesn’t have DVD or bluray playback capabilities and costs more than the PS3, even though none of its games so far look even remotely as good as the PS3’s prettiest games. Nintendo made a mistake. Doing anything but calling it out and telling them to correct it is a disservice to them.

    • tech

      not even close bro 😉

  • Deadmeat

    AMD just paid $320 million to NOT BUY wafers from GlobalFoundries, even though producing Jaguar core chips at GlobalFoundries instead of TSMC would have them avoid that $320 million penalty. So why didn’t AMD? It’s because the Jaguar cores cannot be fabbed at GlobalFoundries where the Xbox chip is being produced! So AMD would rather pay a $320 million fine to produce Jaguar core based products at TSMC than try to port the Jaguar core to GF’s process.

    The Xbox Durango can have either Piledriver or PowerPC cores, but NOT the Jaguar cores due to process incompatibilities. I hope vgleak does its own research before publishing an article like this.

    • keen

      That’s a rumor, that same rumor states ” the GPU will be separate, and will be based on AMD’s 6000 series instead
      — something akin to the Radeon HD 6670 which supports DirectX 11,
      multi-display output, 3D and 1080p HD output. Raw graphics processing
      power is expected to be 6 times that of the current console, and yield
      20-percent greater performance than the upcoming Nintendo Wii U.”

      Now you know you don’t get to pick and chose pieces of a rumor to fit what product you want, you believe it all or none of it. As is stands that rumor has not been substantiated, lucky for you as apparently someone at MS sold you some koolaid and getting only a 20% jump from wii U would cause fanboy meltdown.(A terrible combination of denial mixed with secret sauce and koolaid, usually resulting in spontaneous combustion).

      • Deadmeat

        The Jaguar core incompatibility with the IBM/GF FD-SOI is a fact, not a rumor.

        • keen

          Fine, a rumor from late 2010 and early 2011 about MS having some “oban” samples fabbed; …all speculation as to exactly what, automatically means they’re using GF….good logic. Guess you should check out where GCN is fabbed..

          btw…where did I bring up jaguar fabrication, or are you stuck with a few canned retorts not in relation to an argument?

          • keen

            edit: late 2011 early 2012..

      • Daniel Lawson

        I thought rumors were it was a DX11.1 base card?

  • RedmondNinja

    Quite the sophisticated misinformation campaign Sony has going here, isn’t it? This site is posting a lot of incorrect information designed to make the next xbox look bad, while, conveniently and under the radar, monitoring forums and then using what they glean from those forums to slip in advantages information into, in some cases, completely falsified information about Sony’s next console (such as the PS4 GPU enhancements revealed recently, to make it out to be a GCN 2.0 precursor) while at the same time taking subtle digs at the next xbox with conveniently timed articles designed to control forum messaging.

    These leaks are a mixture of old and, in some places, accurate information (mostly accurate information on the PS4 with a few falsehoods — fake gpu enhancements) designed to gain people’s trusts, meanwhile perpetuating a pretty dishonest agenda the entire time. Wait till the new xbox is revealed. Be prepared to find out just how much you’ve all been lied to.
    Very important pieces of what has been said here about the new xbox is simply not true.

    • The Merchant

      This post is donkey dung seriously, ps4 will be much better than the nextbox in terms of everything. You can thank kinect 2 for that since every xbox will be shipped with it, drastically raising the price. So, waddaya buying????

      • Christian Nielsen

        1. You don’t know that the next xbox will ship with the kinect.
        2. We KNOW that the Playstation 4 will ship with Sonys webcam (Kinect like device).

        • captainbuck

          SONY’s camera has ALWAYS worked very very well. Not to be underestimated.

    • Minha Pica é grande

      You have a dignified and accurate source for this claim?

    • keen

      So far they have been quite accurate…though I would like to see what you’re reading. I highly doubt vgleaks is making up extremely detailed articles (much more then they need for fanboys and clicks) to fool people and then destroy their reputation permanently in 2 months….

      It’s when you see articles like “NEXT GEN XBOX/PS OVER 9000JIGGANUTS QUAD SoC’S RUNS OR FAIRIES TEARS” you need to look out for ;/

    • ethomaz

      The Sony docs says Next Generation Radeon Graphics… so GCN 2.0… so sorry.

      • Daniel Lawson

        GCN 1.0 would be next generation graphics…

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      Coming from a guy called RedmondNinja and posting nonsense, I’m just gonna point out that you’re almost certainly biased.

    • fistsofjustice

      The GPU enhancements are true. Check out Mark Cerny’s interview with Gamasutra. He confirms everything about the GPU enhancements published on this site.

  • Seriously

    90% of all those numbers mean “WTF” to most users reading this.

  • Rhodington

    Vgleaks, answer this: Why are you posting copy and paste articles from a 1 year old PDF document??
    At least have the decency to put a disclaimer and acknowledge that things might have (most probably) changed.

    • vgleakscom

      Sorry, it’s not one year old info 😉

      • Rhodington

        Well then, 10 month old? In other words, how old is the info and can we expect/not expect changes? How old the info is is detrimental to it’s purported accuracy.

        • vgleakscom

          2013 😉

          • Zybra


    • Bafo de Pica

      Simply because they should not have changed anything

  • Zybra

    Another shit vrom vgleaks to make clicks hits.

  • Radamantis

    Soo from the speck we can expect Durango is going too suck hard compared to Psx4 … GG MS…

  • Astracrux

    Can we expect on boot sistem Durango/Orbis a turbo mode like modern cpu that oc the cpu from 1,6 ghz to 2.0 when needed ?

    • Deadmeat

      The Jaguar core could clock upto 2.0 Ghz on TSMC’s process. As for the Durango, it’s unpredictable because nothing is known about its CPU, other than the facts that CPUs fabbed on FD-SOI historically clocked at 3.2 ~ 4 Ghz. The way things are right now is that the Jaguar cores can only be fabbed at TSMC and the Piledriver/PowerPC cores can only be fabbed at IBM/GF.

      • whateva

        Excuse me, but how do you know the jaguar is being fabbed at TSMC? is there an article about this? so far all i know is amd has stuck with GF so far which is kinda sucky

        • Deadmeat

          The Jaguar design is TSMC process specific. Only TSMC can fab it. “Jaguar has four CPU cores instead of two, it doubles the size of Level 2 cache to 2MB, and it makes the cache shareable among all the cores. This is made on TSMC’s 28nm process and the difference makes each core notably smaller than the Bobcat core, which was made on a 40nm process.”

  • F1maniac


    • Russell Gorall

      Due to the slight info here and most leaks, no.

      It will be a beast compared to the Wii U.

      • F1maniac

        hahaha fanboy…be wait to see the monster dude..

        • Russell Gorall

          Are you a person? I hope you are just getting paid for this.


    We know where this info is coming from. It’s coming from the leak, Super Dae. We also know that that dkit was an alpha. Based on that info, people have to realize that an API or C++ compilier can be used for an X86 or a Power PC A2, and therefore it could be either in the next XBox. MS has never sent out a final dkit until after the announcement of the new XBox, just as they did with the 360.
    Here is what I think will be in the next machine:

    Power PC A2: 1 Chip
    MS and IBM partnership–Cheap Chip: Very Powerful

    Radian 8xxx (GPU X2 on same chip):
    There are also many rumors on the net as well as proof to prove that this is what we indeed be presented with.

    L1 L2, Cache (We will use VGLeaks estimate)
    Main 3 Gigs DDR5 on chip for GPU CPU
    (1.5 Gigs per GPU)
    System Ram 5 Gigs DDR3
    That’s to start.

    • Astracrux

      Marc Berry go back Mistero u talking no sense

    • Zybra

      You are close right about Durango specs, vgleaks is all wrong form the start about 720 specs, they will be very disapointing when the truth come reveal in april.

      • Robbie Rob

        Ir wont matter anyways.. What most of these guys dont understand is the video card will be the limiting factor and both consoles have basically the same mid range graphics card. A more power cpu wont increase the performance of a mid range gpu. Also games will be ported more then ever now that pc/xbox/ps4 all use x86 – this almost guarantees game quality will be very close on all platforms!

  • Jou

    Vgleaks, after the PS4 8 ACEs reveal you still claim the 14+4 CU thing?.Have these 4 special CUs an extra scalar unit?.If not, you know something about a vector processor in PS4 apart from the normal fpu units of vanilla jaguar?.

  • Kayle

    Guys this r old info that vgleaks taking as good coz their insider still talk in 2013 about the 1 year old u know INSIDER SAYING THIS

    i ask to myself how ppl can think seriously that ms is going to release a console that losing already on paper the battle against ps4 …with slower ram…slower processor ..slower gpu…yeah maybe tomorrow someone will tell u they will still use a dvdhd……lol
    u think that companies dont know the target of each others? r u this naive? u think that third party …dont talk to the companies about their games and their engines?

    So from what we should understand from vgleaks …ms spends so much money in R&D with lots of ibm engenieers working on the new soc for a stock jaguar …that they dont wanna call jaguar (…lol..) and for mega 1.2 tf machine…….yeah…..and i came from mars

    vgleaks dosnt care about the veracity of this info coz after the release of this new console i dont think that this site will have a lots to pubblish…so they want “click” as much as they can NOW

    but still rumors about devs saying ” the two system r a wash”….vgleaks should explain how can be a wash ..when they release this misinformations


    This is why i fill that it will be 1cpu and 2gpus. Not the 1st time i have herd this . .


    This is the words i here XBox next GPU/GPU/APU chip called Oban,
    so sounds like i’am not talking out of my ass. I hear MS’s new chip has a large die size. This chip will only be in dkit Kryptos and not durango.


    I now know that it’s not a x86 AMD cpu in the next xbox. AMD told a site that the PS 4 chip SOC was “Everything that Sony has shared in that single chip is AMD [intellectual property], but we have not built an APU quite like that for anyone else in the market,” AMD global business unit head of marketing John Taylor told .
    “It is by far the most powerful APU we have built to date, it leverages [intellectual property] that you will find in our A-series APUs later this year, our new generation of APUs but none that will quite be to that level of sheer number of cores, sheer number of teraflops.”

    So we know the next xbox will not be x86 made by AMD.
    This is one more hole in this story.

    • blackkstar

      No, not really. Durango doesn’t look like it has an iGPU, meaning it’s not an APU. That, and it may be AMD admitting that PS4 is going to have a better CPU/APU than Durango.

  • Magnet

    After reviewing various blogs on different subjects (file-systems, OSes, virtualization, programing-languages, gaming-consoles..) on the Internet, one can recapitulate: “Everything that Microsoft delivers, sucks!” or “Microsoft has NO contribution to computer science and software engineering, whatsoever”.

    Most blogs (especially those with Google ads) that includes reference to any Microsoft product till date, tend to make them look inferior.

    I wonder how much money those “professionals” at Google, Sony (along with OSS community members) are spending to brainwash people. Anyone of you care to expose some facts on wikileaks and come clean?

  • Black Fraction

    Damn fanboys are in denial, isn’t it obvious the next xbox is going to be packaged with kinect 2 that is a known fact. Also out of that “rumored” 8gb of ddr3 kinect 2 is going to take a huge ass chunk out of it!!! Open yo eyes bitches!!!!!!!

  • Black Fraction

    Damn fanboys are in denial, isn’t it obvious the next xbox is going to
    be packaged with kinect 2 that is a known fact. Also out of that
    “rumored” 8gb of ddr3 kinect 2 is going to take a huge ass chunk out of
    it!!! Open yo eyes bitches!!!!!!!

    • Randall Johnson

      So you’re telling me that the “Kinect 2” is going to take a huge chunk out of the 8 gigs of RAM, while the current Kinect hardly takes anything out of the 512 megs of RAM? I think someone needs to take their own advice.

  • I want a Razer Edge

    Microsoft always has something up there sleeve. Something new to change the game. The 360 became a combination of entertainment, kid friendly, and core with its combination of Kinect, Apps, and feature games(i.e. Gears of War, and Left 4 Dead). Kinect may not be for core gamers but it reached out those who did not even think about it. Microsoft is a money making machine. They will not only survive but take things to the next level.

  • Doug Fox

    Everyone reading these kinds of articles seems to neglect the fact that it’s Microsoft we’re talking about here. Current PS owners and fan boys may disagree, but Microsoft is the king of the industry right now. It’s the truth. Look at the numbers. If you really believe that Microsoft will just sit back and let Sony take their crown, you’re gravely mistaken. The next Xbox is going to be announced and is going to have lots of potential. As does the PS4, don’t get me wrong 😉

    • Akuma

      Can you please explain how Microsoft is king of the industry right now???? If you’re talking about numbers, they are last place again pal, Sony surpassed Microsoft’s lifetime sales back in what, mid December. I think you’re one of these fanboys who thinks that sales in the US means sales worldwide, sorry buddy, but Sony has been outselling MS in every other market except the UK. Wii was 1st, Sony 2nd and MS 3rd. Look at the numbers man, you’ll see I’m right.

      • Robbie Rob

        Worldwide sales of PS3 sold.. Are behind Xbox.. Go to vgchartz and see..

        Also kids like you talk about sales..number of consoles..Do you know Financially Sony is in trouble..FACT.. The last 4 years Sony has lost money.. Not made money.. In 2013 Sony has been selling assets to pay bills.. They recently sold their NY headquarters for 1 billion to cover loses…Don’t believe it? Google it..

        • fistsofjustice

          VGchartz? An american site that takes lots of advertising cash from M$oft. I’d rather listen to the little green men that live at the end of the rainbow!

          • Robbie Rob

            Haha you just made yourself look foolish.. Vgchartz is based in europe where the ps3 slightly outsells the xbox . Its ironic though you mention the USA. You know why the PS2 was so dominant? Everyone in the USA bought a ps2.. Sony has lost the USA to Microsoft.. The only reason the PS3 is even close to the Xbox in sales is Japan buys alot of PS3 and why wouldnt they? Thats where Sony is based from!

          • Nicholas Gatewood

            Very few home consoles are actually sold in Japan, handhelds are the big thing over there. Japan only makes a small impact on PS3s sold, Europe’s the big PlayStation market. At the end of the day, why does it matter? Sony’s moved more PS3s in a year and a half less than Microsoft. Those are the facts, I just hope Microsoft makes a true gaming machine and not a casual, anti-consumer system like all the rumors are pointing toward. I’d like more than one good console option next generation, you know.

          • Robbie Rob

            As i said Sony lost the usa.. Thats the reason the ps2 sold 200 million and the ps3 has sold 73 million.. Huge difference.. Yes ps3 bulk of sales are europe but its not outselling the 360 by alot in europe although it depends on which european country you look at. Now let me CORRECT you. The ps3 has sold nearly 10 million in Japan – thats about 12% of the ps3 so far lifetime sales of 73 million- thats alot of consoles for a small country. Japan in contrast has only purchased over 1 million 360’s ! Lets not forget the 13 million Wii’s sold in Japan. So you said they dont sell many consoles in Japan? Take away japans 10 million ps3 and suddenly the ps3 is a distant third place instead of the (virtually ) tied for 2nd place that it is now.. By the way Einstein- Japans population is almost 1/3 the usa’s YET they bought more ps3 in ratio to the usa’s population– 10 million ps3’s sold in Japan with 125 million people -versus -25 million ps3’s sold in the usa with 300 million people in the usa… They dont sell consoles in Japan!! Good one!!

      • captainbuck

        I’m impartial, though I play PS3 alot more myself, my friends are all XB Freaks, no doubt. XB failed in Japan, dragging down it’s overall numbers. in Europe and USA particularly, XB has an edge in ‘units sold’ but, i so don’t believe that doesn’t include RROD units. If not, then instead of 70M they sold 100M and aren’t counting 30M RROD units! I know all but one of those friends had no less than 2 RROD units, some had 4, and they aren’t smokers and don’t slam their systems out of anger or other bullshit. Overall, i call it a draw, but, going into the next gen, SONY seems to have better relationships with developers and aren’t so stuck on graphics as much as cool games. That attitude alone can win it. I’d LOVE to play rad things like alot of those indie games than all of the Battlefields. i think alot of people failed to understand how cool PS+ is too, that so totally is a better value than LIVE, but, suffered from being very late to the game. However, this all reboots in October!
        Can i finally get Eurocom’s current portfolio owners to make me a new ZOOL now?

        • defiance187

          Everyone touts amount of machines sold when what really matters to Sony, Nentindo, and Microsoft are Profits.

    • wint3rmute

      Finally, a sane rational post. Too bad the dumbshit fanboys only heard “xbox is king”…

      I will decide this holiday whether I want a ps4 or 720. Just like I do every gen. I look for exclusives I want to play and what my friends are thinking of buying.

      The differences between the ps3 and 360 are so meaningless anyway, it doesn’t matter which one you bought.

  • 余雨聪


  • Kate Briga

    It is going to be weaker kinect social app crap

  • exsanguine

    Who cares about the CPU, it is the GPU that matters.

  • Jabar

    Go here for daily video game and tech news! We also have forums(dead)!

  • Joseph

    Guys, here are the PS4 and Xbox 720 comparisons I know so far based on what I know.

    – Both are 8-core
    – Xbox is x64, PS4 is x86
    – Xbox has 8GB of DRAM/ESRAM, PS4 has 8GB of DDR5 RAM (DDR5 is faster)
    – Xbox goes at 170 GB/s (combined from DRAM/ESRAM), PS4 goes at 176 GB/s

    – Xbox is 1.23 TFLOPS, PS4 is 1.84 TFLOPS
    – Xbox has 12 or 14 compute units, PS4 has 18 compute units
    – Xbox has 12 shader cores, PS4 has about 14(estimated)

    So overall, PS4 is winning, but Xbox could prevail in software and graphics again. And besides, all these specs are rumors or the Xbox. We all thought PS$ would be 4GB, but it turned out 8, so xbox might change as well.

  • captainbuck

    I got an A in this Microprocessor class 12 years ago, yay!

    Yes, it is 2 Jaguar cores not well integrated, i’d like to see SONY’s version!

  • defiance187

    One Word, PROFITS

  • defiance187

    What the hell is up with the loop of comments