Leak: 'Watch Dogs' Multiplayer Gameplay Video


Leaks from Ubisoft are on fire. First, Watch Dogs E3 Trailer was leaked, then we knew many details about their new racing IP ‘The Crew’ before its E3 official announcement and now, another time, a new Watch Dogs video has been leaked.

This time it’s turn for a multiplayer video showing the gameplay of Watch Dogs in that mode.

Remember, Ubisoft can take down this Youtube video at any time. When this happens we will replace the link with a working one.

You can also download the trailer here.

۞ por AGBLeaks

Watch Dogs is an open-world action video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PC.

In Watch Dogs, players enter the dangerous world of Aiden Pearce, a new class of antihero whose ability to hack into any connected system could be his most powerful weapon.

Thanks, AGBLeaks.

  • Miami cHeat

    man that looks very dull

  • This video sucks half the screen is black while the other have is the left half of the gameplay.
    Every time I view this it starts full screen for 30 seconds then rips in two.

    You have to refresh your browser just to see the first 30 seconds

    • Maynard_VGL

      The video is working correctly for us in Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

      Try changing your browser and watching the video again 🙂

      • Thank you, I downloaded chrome works well!